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Secret Camera Captures Evil Nanny Slapping and Pinching Nose of 8-Month-Old Baby





It’s always heartbreaking when we hear about nannies who are abusing the very children they’ve been asked to take good care of. As parents, we all couldn’t help but feel disturbed about such incidents and we hope nothing like that will ever happen to our precious kids.

One family felt suspicious about their nanny when they noticed that their baby would often cry whenever she arrives. So they decided to take steps to confirm their suspicions – by secretly installing video cameras in their home.

Anastasia Zhelyabova, 31 years old, is now facing charges after her cruel acts were captured on film.

26-year-old Elena Levendeeva of Nefteyugank, Russia started to feel troubled just two weeks after employing Zhelyabova.

According to her, her 8-month-old baby boy would cry every time the nanny is around. So she installed cameras around the house to find out for herself.

The mother was shocked to discover what the cameras caught on the first day.

Apparently, the nanny was indeed being abusive to the helpless boy. Anastasia repeatedly slapped the poor baby and even pinched his nose to stop him from breathing. As the disturbing video below shows us, the nanny smacked the baby’s face and bottom – all simply because the child refused to drink his milk!

As if that was not enough, she also carelessly lifted the child and threw him on the floor.

As Elena shared on social media:

“Due to frequent and continuous hysterical cries from our child we installed video cameras that recorded the beating and torturing.”

The concerned mother later forwarded the footage to the authorities.

Watch the video here:

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Meanwhile, a Metro report tells us that a police spokesperson said:

“The investigation of the criminal case when the woman beat a small child is now over.”

Once convicted by the court, Zhelyabova will be facing up to 10 years in jail for child cruelty.

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