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Remarkable 5-Year-Old Girl Cooks, Does Chores On Her Own After Her Mother Died

By age four, Hana already knows how to handle a knife.






A five-year-old kid holding a knife so he or she can cook would be a dreadful thought for many parents. But for Chie’s daughter, Hana-Chan, it’s one thing she learned how to do at such a tender age.

Hana-Chan, at only five years old, already knows how to prepare food for the family and take care of the household chores all on her own. But she’s doing it to honor her mom’s legacy.

Hana-Chan lost her mom, Chie, when she was barely five years old.

Chie had survived breast cancer and initially didn’t think she could give her husband, Shingo Yasutake, a child.

But she did – it was a miracle the couple was blessed with a daughter.

Ecstatic about being a mom to her only child, Chie created her own blog where she would write down all her feelings and thoughts about motherhood. She wrote:

“Meeting my daughter is indeed a miracle in my life. I treasure her with all my life, more than I love myself.”

Everything was going well for the Yasutake, but something just had to get in the way.

When Hana was barely nine months old, Chie’s cancer relapsed. While fighting for her life, Chie never stopped writing on her blog. She wrote:

“Whether I have cancer or not, I’m supposed to die first. It can’t be the other way around. This is why I have to die without any regrets.”

Chie knew that she wasn’t going to be around for a long time, which is why she wants to leave Hana with something valuable that she can really use in her life — knowledge and skills.

In one of her blog entries, Chie also wrote that she wanted her daughter to learn how to be independent so that when she’s no longer around for her, Hana can still take care of herself. And of course, being the mom that she is, Chie wanted to equip Hana with life’s basic skills.

Chie believed Hana should learn how to cook.

“Hana-Chan, knowing how to cook is important in your life. I would teach you how to handle knives and do household chores. Your education is not complete without knowing these survival skills. As long as you’re healthy and independent, you can survive anywhere.”

Hana already knows how to hold a knife by age 4.

In 2008, Chie lost her battle with cancer.

But even with Chie gone from this world, her memory lives on in Hana’s heart. And she did the greatest thing for her daughter. When Hana was barely five, she already managed the house and did a terrific job at it.

Hana's specialty is a Miso soup her mom taught her.

In a touching letter to her mom, Hana wrote:

“I want to tell you something. I can make a whole bento now. Aren’t you surprised? I don’t cry anymore. I’m doing my best.”

Chie did really raise a wonderful daughter. Though Hana’s routine may be different from most child her age, she’s a well-equipped independent young girl who looks after her family.

Her routine consists of getting ready, cook breakfast, feed and walk her dog, and learn piano before going to school. After schoo time, she would get back home to do laundry, clean the bathtub and cook dinner for her dad before settling to finish her homework.

Chie's memory also lives on in Shingo's heart.

Taking the writings from his wife’s blog, he turned this into a book to remind his daughter how much of an exquisite mother Chie was. Chie’s blog has been turned into a book published with the title, “Hana-Chan no Miso Shiru: 8 Life lessons from Yasutake family.”

Chie’s book became one of the best-selling books in Japan. The book has also been adapted into a movie under a similar title.


87-Year-Old Grandma Creates Intricate Drawings Using MS Paint

Because gardening and knitting are too mainstream.




Some grandmas love to spend their time in activities such as gardening and knitting. Well, 87-year-old Concha Garcia Zaera is not like your usual grandma. She enjoys a hobby far more unusual among her friends. Why the term “unusual?” That is because she draws using Microsoft’s MS Paint.

Zaera claims to have discovered the program after her children gave her a computer. Since then, she learned to utilize MS Paint unlike any other. Heck, her drawing skills can even be compared to this generation’s best.

Meet Concha, the 87-year-old grandmother who loves to draw stuff using MS Paint.

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This Catholic Church Allows The Homeless To Sleep In Their Pews

They also offer free blankets, hygiene kits, and massage services.

Mark Andrew



Love and compassion are virtues central to Christianity and its always inspiring when we see it demonstrated – such as in this story below where a church showed how they took care of the homeless people living in their area.

According to reports, San Francisco’s St. Boniface church accommodates about 225 homeless individuals every single day in their chapel. This wonderful deed is done in cooperation with The Gubbio Project.

Providing a safe haven for the homeless where everyone is welcome.

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Ghanaian Teacher Viral for Drawing MS Word on Blackboard Now Has Computers for Teaching

His dedication and hard work are paying off!




You may have heard of Richard Appiah Akoto, the teacher from Ghana who recently went viral for his admirable dedication to his work. Akoto, who didn't have a computer to use for teaching, drew Microsoft Word in incredible detail on the classroom blackboard to demonstrate the program's different features and functions.

Amazed by his resourcefulness and love for teaching, individuals and organizations are donating laptops and desktop computers to the school where he teaches, the Betenase M/A Junior High School in the southern Ghana town of Sekyedumase. The teacher's hard work and the unexpected media attention have been returning positive outcomes.

Microsoft, in particular, flew Akoto to Singapore to attend the annual Microsoft Educators Exchange.

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