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Want Free Gas? Wear Your Bikini and Fuel Up for Free!





Now if only getting free gasoline were this simple.

If you own a vehicle, you know how expensive gas can be, and you’ve probably performed all sorts of tricks to get more miles on the gallon…

Like driving less, gassing up late or early in the day depending on the weather, managing your speed and breaking less often, monitoring your tires, turning off the A/C, avoiding wind resistance, and many other things to help you save every last drop.

A gas station in Kiev, Ukraine, hit on a novel idea to help people score a free load gas…while promoting their business to get more customers. They offered free petrol to anyone coming in wearing a bikini!

This gets gas for free!

1007 bikini gas4

Photo credit: Protothema

Luckily, it is autumn now in the Ukraine, and the transitional weather is mild to moderate. So you can just imagine the people who came in droves to get their free full tank, or to just watch the lovely parade of beautiful bodies…

…and butts, too.

1007 bikini gas5

Photo credit: Protothema
Beautiful day to fill up the tank, tak?

1007 bikini gas6

Photo credit: Protothema

While some feminists may point fingers at the Kiev gas station for their sexist promotion, requiring only bikinis for customers to get free petrol, that didn’t stop the men from getting in on the action, as well…

Who says I can't?

1007 bikini gas1

Photo credit: Car Market News

It’s free gas, after all, so why should they miss out on all the fun?

Not to mention all the savings.

As a matter of fact, most of the bikini-clad females who lined their cars up for a quick fill-er-up appeared to appreciate all the attention.

This mom even brought her little one along to enjoy the show…

1007 bikini gas3

Photo credit: Prothema

Which just goes to show that one doesn’t have to be on a beach, or wait for beach weather to come along to don a bikini.

Watch the video:

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While there hasn’t been any further word on whether that Kiev petrol station extended their free-gas-for-bikinis promo day, we’re thinking this idea may catch on very quickly, and other gas station owners may just decide to jump on the bandwagon and offer a tank of free gasoline for mankini or board shorts-wearing men this time around…

Ready for your free tank of gas?

1007 bikini gas7

Photo credit: RR_Dubai

H/T: Car Market News, Protothema, and S1000RR Forum

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