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Woman Loses Her Bikini During an Epic Surfing Fail





A viral video showing a woman stripped off her bikini while learning to surf on a cruise is making its rounds online. The woman lost her bikini while trying a surfing simulator. Unfortunately, the waves were just too strong to handle.

Lesson learned: it pays to wear the proper suit if you are going surfing.

She seems to be enjoying her surfing lessons.

Eventually, she lost her underpants while taking a surfing lesson in the Flowrider.

Surf fail: She lost her bikini!

Watch the viral video here:

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Meet the Flowrider…

The Royal Carribean International cruise line has various activities in store for clients and tourists. One of its ships, the MS Quantum of the Sea, has new amenities that the clients will surely love – the Bionic Bar, the first skydiving simulator at sea, called RipCord by iFly, and the surfing simulator, the Flowrider.

The Flowrider is a 40-foot-long surfing simulator where artificial waves can go as fast as 35 to 40 miles per hour. The waves are so strong that it could send the surfer up the starting point and in many cases, cause wardrobe malfunctions. Women are mostly affected so it’s important to wear the right type of suit for the surfing activity.

According to the Royal Carribean Blog, before riding the Flowrider, you need to consider these tips:

  1. 1. Since the Flowrider is free of charge, the queue can get really long. Try riding it on port days or in the morning. However, surfing lessons have a fee of about $60 per person for one hour.
  2. 2. Be sure to wear clothing that won’t easily come off. Women, specifically, are advised to wear one-piece bikinis, rashguards, shirts or shorts.
  3. 3. Always listen to the staff assisting you and ask them questions in case you’re not sure about the ride.