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A Plus Size Woman Wears a Bikini for the First Time And It Looked So Good





Body shaming and stereotyping have been a problem of every woman nowadays as they get easily conscious with their appearance, especially on wearing bikinis.

But, Jazzmyne – a plus size woman who is afraid to wear a swimsuit because of her body weight – is about to face her fear and conquer the world by wearing a two-piece.

I feel like I have ingrained in my head that I’m not supposed to wear a bikini.



Jazzmyne decided that she’s going to leave the “body norms” most people have and documented her entire experience for wearing a bikini for the first time.

I’m on a journey to love me for me if people love it that’s awesome and if people don’t that’s not my problem.

As a kid, Jazzmyne grew up in a small town where girls she often saw were blonde and skinny, who have model-like bodies that affected her self-confidence.

Jazzmyne & Friends

Jazzmyne & Friends

She admitted that because of her appearance, her self-esteem went incredibly low. She even often cheered for other plus-size women to try on a bikini that, unfortunately, she can’t do to herself.

That’s what pisses me off that I would tell someone else they could wear this but not myself.

From here, Jazzmyne decided to be herself and, finally, have the confidence to buy two kinds of swimsuit. She’s now preparing to slay!

She hopes that this will be the start of her new journey to find self-love and not giving a single care for what other people will might say.

Jazzmyne's Swimsuits

Jazzmyne's Swimsuits

Jazzmyne’s first purchased was a little kinda off with its scrunch style in the back that she decided not to wear it, while the other one looked perfectly stunning on her.

I feel like I could pop a red lip on this.

Ready for the Beach!

Ready for the Beach!

Jazzmyne confessed that she felt a little nervous when she arrived at the beach and had mixed emotions. But, the moment she already got her confidence, Jazzmyne looks incredibly hot!

Jazzmyne Looks Incredible in Bikini

Jazzmyne Looks Incredible  in Bikini

The cheerings, too, that she received made her feel confident and proud.

I’m feeling good, I’m feeling confident.

Jazzmyne shared her sexy snap on Instagram and gathered a number of supports from friends and strangers around the world.

Jazzmyne's Instagram

Jazzmyne's Instagram

Source: JazzmyneJay

Watch Jazzmyne’s inspiration video from BuzzFeed. You go, girl!

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