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Gas Cylinder Explosion in China Destroys Home and Sets Man on Fire





A gas cylinder exploded at a residential home in a small town near Yulin City in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in south China. The explosion damaged the house, trapping two people inside. Fortunately, firefighters arrived on the scene, just in the nick of time.

The frightening explosion was caught on camera. In the video, the house owner, a man named Chen, can be seen while carrying a gas cylinder inside the house. A few minutes later, the house suddenly exploded, shattering the door and windows. Chen can then be seen running out of the building with his clothes in flames.

Watch the video:

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The firefighters were able to control and extinguish the fire. They brought a total of 42 gas cylinders out of the house and ushered to safety the two people who were trapped inside.

In 2015, a series of chemical explosions occurred in Tianjin, northern China when an overheated container of dry nitrocellulose exploded, killing at least 170 people and injuring almost 800. The fire was so severe that it took at least a few days before the fire was controlled.

Events such as these remind us that we must keep safety as a priority, particularly when we’re dealing with high-risk materials such as flammable substances. By doing so, we can help prevent injuries, deaths, and damages to properties.

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