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Gas Station Offers Free Fuel For Anyone In Bikini, Doesn’t Expect Men To Take The Challenge

Some guys even wore heels!

  • Russian gas station Olvi ran a three-hour ‘free gas’ promo for customers who’d line up in bikinis.
  • To their surprise, both men and women showed up to take advantage of the offer.

What do you usually think about when you hear about ‘Russia’? Classic literature writers? Or football, maybe? Vodka? Well whatever it is, we’re sure “men in bikinis” would be the last thing to pop up in your mind when you are asked about the country.

Still, that’s exactly what we get when a gas station in Russia attempted to pull a marketing stunt that ended up with a surprising plot twist no one saw coming. According to reports, Olvi, a gas station in Samara, Russia, offered free gas for customers who would come visit them while wearing bikini.

Much to their surprise, even men showed up in bikinis to take advantage of the promo.

Perhaps they were expecting that only women would line up for the offer? Well they’re clearly wrong! Anyone would do anything these days to get free fuel, right? Right.

Both men and women lined up at the gas station for a free fill.
As if that wasn’t enough, some guys even went the extra mile – by wearing heels.

Not surprisingly, the photos captured at the area eventually went viral on social media. In fact, the story was even featured in BoredPanda and we learned that the promo ran for three hours only.

Check out those hot legs!

And since Olvi didn’t specifically mention anything about genders in their promo rules, everyone jumped on the chance to wear their one-piece and two-piece bikinis – even the older men.

Other gas station customers couldn’t help but take photos.

So yes, this serves as a good reminder for those working in marketing departments. If you’re gonna make promos like this, try not to leave any loopholes. Or you might end up getting surprised as well!

Watch the video here:

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