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Identical Mom and Daughter Bash Car Festival for Banning Bikini Contest and Strip Shows

They’re “very disappointed” that Summernats car festival has become family-friendly this year.


Ever heard of Summernats? In case you haven’t, well its an annual car festival that’s being held in Canberra, Australia since 1987. It’s actually the biggest of its kind and car enthusiasts in the country look forward to the event every year.

It has, however, made a name for itself as one of the most controversial shows due to reports of violence and allegations of sexual harassment involving some of the generally-male spectators. Now the organizers are hoping to change that after promoting the 2018 event as more family-friendly. For this year, they’ve banned bikini competitions and strip shows.

And not everyone is happy about it. In fact, some have criticized the festival for the move.

Identical-looking mother and daughter Natalie (left) and Jazmyne Wardell (right) described Summernats 2018 as ‘very disappointing’.

Being regular attendees of Summernats, Natalie and Jazymne excitedly travel together to the venue each year not only for the vehicles but also for the parties.

So now the two are taking it to social media to ask the event organizers to “bring back the good old Summernats”.

46-year-old Mrs Wardell (top) and her daughter (bottom), 22, are not happy about the changes.

Jazmyne Wardell won as Miss Summernats last year. However, she wasn’t given the chance to defend her title after it was scrapped by organizers.

After the burnout and Miss Summernats competitions have been cancelled, Mrs Wardell wrote:

“Was a little unfazed this year, no Miss Summernats, no car wash babes, got in s*** for smoking it up.

“I only did it once and it wasn’t even that bad yet I got told off by security, no one was around to get hurt… very disappointing this year.

“Just didn’t have the atmosphere, car overheated a little but still ran well all weekend!”

Why the identical look, you ask? Well, it’s actually a choice.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Mrs Wardell explained why she and her daughters sport almost an identical look – from the blonde hair to their fashion taste.

Mrs Wardell shared:

“People ask if we’re sisters all the time, and some even think Jazmyne is my mum because she’s so tall and I’m so short.

“I guess it’s a compliment to me, but people will say things like ‘You try to copy them’, but I mean I’ve had long blonde hair since I was 15. It’s just genetics.”

About 100,000 spectators attend the event each year and the organizers are hoping to minimize violent behavior.

Organizers have taken steps to prevent excessive drinking and harassment from happening during the event.

In fact, 2018 attendees were asked to sign a form that says they wouldn’t harass others.

It’s highly different from past festivals and attendees have mixed reactions about the change.


104-Year-Old Woman’s Secret to Long Life Is a Can of Diet Coke Every Day

Do you believe in her key to longevity?

Just recently, Theresa Rowley, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, celebrated her 104th birthday. The longterm resident of the Sentinel Pointe Retirement Community celebrated in style with a cake and with other members of her retirement community present. Reaching the age of 104 is a milestone for Rowley indeed. What's her secret to living a long life, you ask? Well, she swears by a can of Diet Coke every day.

While Rowley's drink of choice may raise some eyebrows and alarm the health-obsessed, the elderly woman believes the diet soda has contributed to her longevity. Rowley didn't start drinking Diet Coke every day until her latter years, as the drink was not introduced to the market until 1982. She was 68 years old then.

Rowley reportedly drinks at least one Diet coke a day.

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Art Teacher Fired After Showing Famous Nude Paintings To Students

“I explained to the whole class that art can sometimes show images that are not always comfortable to all.”

A teacher in a Utah elementary school was fired amid complaints from parents that their fifth and sixth-grade children saw images of classical paintings containing nudity. The postcards containing the “explicit” subjects were reportedly passed out in their classroom. However, Mateo Rueda denied the allegations, saying he wasn’t aware that the set of educational postcards from the school library contained nudity.

The Lincoln Elementary School in Cache Valley, Utah reportedly fired the art teacher after claiming that students became uncomfortable with seeing nude images from postcards used in their study. Rueda said he sent his fifth and sixth grade students to the school library to look through art books and postcards for their color study exercise. However, the young kids ended up browsing through portrait Iris Tree by Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani and the Odalisque by 18th-century artist Francois Boucher which contain a few nudity.

Utah teacher Mateo Rueda fired for allegedly showing kids in his class some postcards with nudity.

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School Puts Teen Girl In Isolation After She Shaved Her Head For Charity

Niamh Baldwin, 14, shaved her head for charity. She ended up getting ‘punished’ for it.

People who take time to do things for charity are modern-day heroes in our book. Let’s face it, it’s really easy to be self-centered these days and those unselfish enough to share their time, talents, finances, and other resources for the benefit of the needy are definitely worth-emulating. We wish their kind multiplies!

Unfortunately, one teenage girl found out for herself that her school doesn’t necessarily approve of her performing a charitable act – and they’ve even put her in isolation because of it.

Niamh Baldwin, 14, shaved her head for charity. She ended up getting 'punished' for it.

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