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Watch the Miracle of a Syrian Baby Being Born After His Mother Got Hit by a Barrel Bomb

The baby was born after a barrel bomb almost killed his mother.

For the past days, news channels and social media platforms have all been ablaze with the news of recent bombings in Aleppo, Syria. Omran, the child who was rescued from the rubble after Aleppo was hit by an airstrike, became the new face of the war’s adverse effects on humans. This time, a new video has surfaced – that of doctors performing an emergency C-section on a pregnant woman after she almost got killed by a barrel bomb.

The unidentified pregnant woman was one of the victims of the latest bombing in the war-torn town of Aleppo, Syria. Nine months pregnant, she was en route to the hospital when the airstrike hit.

Racing against time, doctors fought to save the life of the unborn child, who they fear was gravely injured due to Mayissa being struck by shrapnel in her belly. Mayissa was also barely holding on, with a broken leg and arm, and a steadily weakening pulse. Despite having only basic medical equipment and facilities, doctors and surgeons rallied to save the life of both the mother and her unborn child.

Watch the video below (Warning: This video contains distressing imagery)

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For the doctors, nothing was more beautiful than the sound of the newborn’s soft cries. They have, for today, achieved a small victory against war and death.


Honest Security Guard, Who Could Barely Afford Lunch, Returns a Bag Full of Money

This security guard finds a bag of money lying around at the airport where he works. But instead of keeping it for himself, he decides to return it.

Different people have different responses to temptation, especially when it comes to money. Some people are guilt-free with ripping off honest citizens, while others would be more than happy to call out a cashier if they've been given too much change.

In the case of an upright citizen from the Philippines, though, he was more than willing to give back a bag of misplaced money despite having financial troubles himself.

Danny Namion, security guard at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Danny Namion, Security Guard at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport...

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15 Inspiring Couples Who Impressively Went From Fat to Fit – Together!

Oh wow! Talk about #relationshipgoals 🙂

Losing weight can particularly be a challenging goal to achieve if you are obese. It means you will need to work hard and change your lifestyle for the most part. This, of course, isn’t as simple as it sounds. In fact, it requires a lot of discipline and determination.

But yes, it can be done. We’ve heard numerous success stories of overweight individuals who, through sheer effort and will power, eventually managed to give themselves a healthy makeover.

If you are having a hard time pursuing such a goal on your own, well consider this idea: involve your significant other. With your loved one involved, you will instantly have a support system who will not only join you during workout sessions but also remind you to make healthy lifestyle choices whenever you’re not at the gym....

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Dad with No Legs Lifts Heavy Sacks Just to Earn Money for His Children

This exemplary man doesn’t let his disability get in the way of his quest to earn enough money for his kids!

Parents who love their kids are willing to move heaven and earth to ensure that their kids get everything they need in life - food, shelter, a proper education. Many parents sacrifice their time, their money, and well-earned rest just to give their children a happy and fulfilled life. This is one thing that all wonderful parents, whether rich or poor, have in common.

And then we have extraordinary examples of parents who give the word sacrifice a whole new meaning, like this father of 4 from the Philippines. On the Facebook page, Music for Jesus, this dedicated dad was featured because of how hard he works in order to feed his children. And he does this even if he doesn't have legs!


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