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The World’s Largest Retirement Community is Perfect for Testing Self-Driving Taxis

An American startup company has chosen the area to pilot its services.

Autonomous vehicle technology has yet to be perfected, but one company is looking to take one step ahead of the others as it tests its services in the ideal area: The Villages retirement community in Florida. The sprawling community stretches out to 40 square miles and features 750 miles of road, three separate downtowns, plus a population of 125,000 senior citizens.

The American car startup Voyage chose The Villages to test its door-to-door self-driving taxi service. With this, the residents can call for cars using an app. The cars will then operate at Level 4 autonomy (meaning full autonomy for all safety-critical driving functions) but still include a safety driver. The company has also partnered with CARMERA, a street-level intelligence provider for autonomous vehicles. CARMERA will map out The Villages’ roadways and feed the cars real-time mapping updates.

The Villages was picked because of its large dynamic space.

Source: Voyage

The area also provides a controlled environment where there are fewer chances of autonomous cars running into bizarre scenarios. The residents can also benefit from the pilot testing. They are the target users for autonomous travel as most senior citizens experience travel and mobility challenges. In The Villages, the minimum age for residents is 55.

The sunny Florida weather is also a plus.

Source: Voyage

Autonomous vehicles still struggle with changes in weather. The sunnier weather in Florida can provide a more seamless testing throughout the year.

Voyage previously deployed autonomous cars in a smaller retirement community, also called The Villages, in San Jose.

Source: Voyage

According to Quartz, Voyage claims that the pilot testing at The Villages in Florida will so far be the world’s largest deployment by area size of autonomous cars in a real world environment.

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Scientists Discover Huge Sheets of Ice B****d Beneath the Surface of Mars

This discovery is a big ‘game-changer,’ according to experts.

A major discovery has just been made by scientists and many are labeling it as a huge ‘game-changer’. According to a new study published in the Science journal, Mars may have a source of accessible drinkable water.

As can be seen in the images taken by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (which has been orbiting the red planet since 2006), scientists have discovered thick ice sheets under the Martain surface.

This marks the first time exposed ice has been spotted on the planet’s surface.

Source: NASA

“Parts of the sheets,” a BusinessInsider report tells us, “are exposed in eight sites on steep slopes up to 100 meters tall.” Previously, scientists only found subsurface ice and major ice deposits on the planet’s frigid poles....

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Scientifically Proven Reasons Redheads Are Superior in Bed

It has to do with their genes.

It's not just their wild locks that make them appealing in the bedroom. Redheads' MC1R genes, the ones responsible for their red hair, can also be credited for other physical characteristics that make them great in bed.

Redheads are quite special indeed. In 2000, when researchers pinpointed the exact gene responsible for red hair, the mutated MC1R protein, they found that it may only manifest in as little as 1 to 2 percent of the population. But what exactly makes redheads superstars in the bedroom? Read on to find out.

Redheads have special pheromones.

Source: Pixabay

Stephen Douglas, author of the book The Redheaded Encyclopedia, notes that redheads have a unique sweet and musky scent on their skin that comes as a result of their pheromone production. This particular scent is effective in attracting possible mates and increasing their sexual desires. ...

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Telegram Plans to Join Cryptocurrency Mania With Ambitious $1.2 Billion Coin

It’s the latest company to join the cryptocurrency craze.

Popular private chat app, Telegram, is the latest company to reportedly plan on joining the cryptocurrency hype by offering digital tokens for sale in an initial coin offering (ICO). This also means that the app could offer blockchain-powered payment services.

Multiple sources revealed to TechCrunch that Telegram is planning to raise a huge amount of cash by launching a new "third-generation" blockchain, called "Telegram Open Network" (TON), described to have superior capabilities. Also, this new cryptocurrency will reportedly be called "Gram."

Telegram is a private messaging app that lets users send messages while avoiding surveillance.

The company reportedly plans to sell its own cryptocurrency.


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