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This Fully Solar-Powered Town In Florida Will Have Self-Driving Cars

A small town in southwest Florida is set to become America’s “most sustainable town.”


A small town in southwest Florida is set to become the most sustainable town in America. Or the entire world, for that matter.

Babcock Ranch, with its land area of 18,000 acres, is a small town taking bold steps towards a cleaner future. In about a year’s time, it is expected that the town will be running entirely on solar power. This will be possible with the use of a 443-acre power plant. Reports also tell us that over half of the total land area will be used for parks, lakes, trails, and other green spaces.

Real estate firm Kitson & Partners is working on making Babcock Ranch the most sustainable town in America.

babcock ranch 1

Kitson & Partners, the real estate development firm running the project, even pointed out that the design will not incur additional utility costs for the future residents. The plans confirm that Babcock Ranch will be built besides the Babcock Ranch Preserve and the Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management area.

The project aims to make the entire town dependent on solar power.

babcock ranch 2

Syd Kitson, CEO of Kitson & Partners, said that they approached the project knowing that they’re not only creating a solar energy-dependent building but that it includes homes, offices, restaurants, and all other establishments that use cooling, heat, and electricity.

Aside from restaurants, schools, and other establishments, the area will also have parks, lakes, and trails.

babcock ranch 4

The project’s first phase of over 1,000 residences is expected for completion by 2017. After that, Kitson & Partners will work on building cafes, restaurants, schools, clothing stores, and other shops.

By the time the rest of the 18,000 residences are built, the town will rely heavily on the 75-megawatt Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center. Eric Silagy, president and CEO of Florida Power & Light (FPL), said Babcock Ranch is just the beginning. In the long run, they hope to make the entire Florida a solar-powered state.

Additionally, Babcock Ranch plans to have self-driving cars for public and private use.

babcock ranch 3

Another exciting thing to look forward to, of course, is the inclusion of shared driverless vehicles that will be used to transport people and goods through Babcock Ranch. Kitson likewise mentioned that potential home buyers are looking at the price range of $200,000 to about $1 million if they want to purchase properties in the area.


18 Very Important Things to Know If You Want to Be Known as a Real Traveler

Are you a tourist or a traveler? Find out here.

A lot of people love to travel. Sometimes, the mere mention of going on a vacation tends to get them excited. The truth of the matter is, being an experienced traveler isn’t in the number of countries you’ve visited. There’s actually a big difference between a tourist who just loves to go on vacations in new countries from a traveler who takes time to explore the place, taking in the culture and getting to know its people.

To be a true traveler, consider these 18 pieces of significant advice to guide you during your trips. Level up from being a tourist to a traveler.

1. Note that the new place you’re visiting happens to be someone else’s home.

1. Note that the new place you’re visiting happens to be someone else’s home.

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Perilous Trail Along a Mountain Leads To A Beautiful Surprise At the Peak

Would you brave the perilous trails if you know what’s waiting for you at the mountain’s peak?

The world is filled with incredible places that never fail to captivate the hearts of those who always seek adventure. However, some of these places can be dangerous that only a few would dare visit them. One of these treacherous places is Mount Huashan located in China.

On the hillside of the mountain there is a perilous path that should take the individual all the way to the top. Only the brave would dare trail this path, but at the end of the journey, something surprising and rewarding awaits.

Mt. Huashan is one of the Great Mountains in China.

Mt. Huashan is one of the Great Mountains in China.

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Singapore’s Elevated Park Will Cover Almost the Entire Country

Singapore will soon have its own elevated park which will cover the entire country, spanning 15 miles long.

It looks like New York’s The High Line and Paris’ very own Promenade Plantee will face some tough competition from Singapore. The country is set to embark on one of its most ambitious projects just yet, the construction of an elevated park that will span the entire country, covering a span of about 15 miles in entirety. Coincidentally, the Promenade Plantee is the world’s first elevated park, while Singapore is the first in the region of Southeast Asia.

Here's a rendering of how Singapore's elevated park would look like after its construction.

Here's a rendering of how Singapore's elevated park would look like after its construction.

Singapore will be converting the British-colonial railway line it formally shut down back in 2011. The above the ground park will feature running paths for the health-conscious, biking paths, eight activity nodes where people can stop to, let’s say, take a yoga class or go rock climbing. There will also be an organic vegetable farm somewhere along the 15-mile park that will cross Singapore.

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