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You Can Now Pay To Sleep For A Night In Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles!

Would you like to experience sleeping in Vincent van Gogh’s ‘bedroom?’


If you’ve ever wanted to be able to sleep in an ‘artsy’ room, then this place just might be what you are looking for – because what could be more artsy than being in Van Gogh’s painting?

The Art Institute of Chicago has recreated a full-size version of the famous Vincent van Gogh painting, Bedroom in Arles, one of the artist’s best known paintings and one of his personal favorites.


The room is the exact replica of Van Gogh’s painting, as demonstrated by the striking colors and unique perspective of the towel hanging on a hook,the clothes and hat by the bed, and the jugs on the side table. It even has the same wooden floor in colors like the ones in the painting.

The room can be rented on Airbnb, the leading worldwide accommodations web‎site, for an affordable price of just $10 per night.

Source: Airbnb


Source: Airbnb

Source: Airbnb
It even has the same odd paintings assortment on the wall above the bed.


Source: Airbnb

No, this is not a painting. Although, it is an exceptional work of art.

The painting has several versions. Van Gogh painted it on October of year 1888 while he was living in the Yellow House in Arles that was dear to him. He sent a painting of the room to his brother along with a letter to give him an impression of the painting he was working on. Just imagine having Van Gogh as a family member and friend, you will be showered with his exclusive paintings.

He also sent one to his friend and fellow artist Paul Gauguin. Van Gogh later made two other versions. In September 1889, Vincent produced a second version of the painting. Also, on same month, he made a smaller copy for his mother and his sister Wil. He did so because of his determination to preserve the painting when its stability was threatened after being damaged by water. He made the other painting while at an asylum in Saint-Rémy in 1889.

Van Gogh’s Bedrooms museum features 36 other works of the artist on exhibit.

Are you gonna stay the night?


Source: Airbnb


These Zombie Garden Gnomes Are Seriously Creepy

Definitely the stuff of nightmares!

Ever noticed those ubiquitous garden gnomes? According to history, the origin of garden gnomes traces back to Germany in the early 1800s. Tradition tells us that gnomes are believed to be symbols of good luck. People apparently considered them as protectors of buried treasure and that they watch over crops and livestock.

These days, these mythical creatures are still popular and chances are you have these in your garden, too. If you, however, want to go outside the ordinary and give your garden a horror flavor, you might want to check out what Revenant FX has to offer.

You see, these Canadian artists are actually huge horror fans and so they’re now on a mission to transform those cute little figures into something much, much scarier. Obviously inspired by The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and others, the group are currently “bringing the undead to life, one gnome at a time” with their masterfully-crafted handmade zombie garden gnomes.

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At This Place in Italy, You Can Literally Walk on Water!

This floating pathway is a piece of art.

Somewhere in northern Italy, people can walk on water –thanks to the art installation by artists Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon and Christo Yavashev.

Called “Floating Piers,” the bright yellow floating pathway is made from plastic tubes that measure a total of three kilometers and serve to connect two small islands of Lake Iseo. The concept was not new; in fact, it started 46 years ago. Christo and his now-deceased wife Jeanne-Claude were tasked to build a floating bridge on Rio dela Plata. Unfortunately, Jeanne-Claude died in 2008 from brain aneurysm. This, however, didn’t stop Christo from pursuing their dream.

"We chose this lake because of its marvelous location, the islands reach hundreds of meters above the sea and only 2,000 people live there," Christo told CNN.

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Artist Creates Amazing Paintings for Your Fingertips!

Want art that you can’t just see, but also feel? Andrew Myers creates astounding artworks that were made to be touched!

There's one thing in common among almost all exhibits all over the world - they expressly prohibit anyone from touching the artwork. They even put up barriers and signs that loudly proclaim, "Please don't touch the art!" In a way, it's such a shame because art is more than just a visual medium. The emotion artwork evokes can be brought out with more than just the sense of sight.

Andrew Myers has found a way around this connundrum. He is an artist who wishes to bring the sense of touch back into the whole art experience. Using cleverly arranged screws, oil paint, charcoal, bronze, cement, and other found objects, he creates various stunning tactile paintings.

Here are some of his artworks.

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