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Caught on Camera: This Huge Slab of Meat Twitches Like it’s Still Alive!

At least you know it’s fresh!


I’m not a vegetarian; I love burgers, steaks, and other sumptuous meat dishes just like any other person. But, every time I see a herd being led to an abattoir, I want to convert and start eating nothing but vegetables. I usually feel this way whenever I look at those animals’ eyes and whenever I hear them squeal in pain or probably in fear.

Thanks to our mothers and all the great cooks around the world, animal products are transformed into a delicious dish that makes us forget, somehow, that they were once alive. The meat that comes from these animals becomes a person’s succulent meal.

However, there are people who love eating raw foods. The Japanese want their sushi fresh and some people like their steaks rare. How “rare” and fresh may I ask?

A Filipino named Jaime Tolentino witnessed a freaky episode that occurred in a public market in Tagaytay last 2013.

A huge slab of meat twitched for three minutes despite having been cut and skinned!


Photo credit: YouTube/ Jaime Tolentino

Apparently, the nerve endings in an animal’s body can continue to release impulses up to an hour even after its death. Consequently, the muscles twitch despite being dismembered. This video has amassed more than 300,000 views on YouTube.

Earlier this year, a Chinese woman named Ms. Cheng uploaded a shocking, similar video. In the footage, a lump of steak, which she bought from a butcher in Shandong province an hour before she recorded the clip, jumped on her kitchen counter.

Ms. Cheng was about to prepare the steak when she noticed the spasms. According to her, she did not find any worms or other parasites inside when she cut the meat open to inspect it.

An expert at the local animal department named Lv Suwen said, “You can rest assured this piece of meat is very fresh and is from a freshly slaughtered animal.

“The central nervous system is dead, but the nerve endings are still firing, resulting in the jumping, because the nerves are not yet dead. This will stop after a short time,” Suwen explained.

So, again, may I ask if you still want fresh meat? Do you still want it cooked rare?

Watch the video:

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H/T: Daily Mail


These Mouse-Sized Giant Spiders Are Invading UK Homes. Very Creepy!

Giant spiders are invading homes in the UK – to mate!

If you are arachnophobic and are from UK, then we’ve got some pretty bad news for you: giant spiders are invading UK homes to mate.

Yes, you read that right. These creepy crawling creatures want to get into your houses for some love-making. And if you noticed the ‘giant’ part in the sentence above, well yep, these house spiders are much bigger than the typical ones since some of them can measure up to 12 centimeters – which means it’s almost the same size as a mouse.

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Geologist Believes Pre-Historic Humans Drove All-Terrain Vehicles 14 Million Years Ago

A Russian geologist claims the tracks were from vehicles created by intelligent beings. But here’s the catch – he doesn’t believe they are man-made.


Phyrgian Valley, Central Turkey - Russian geologist Dr. Alexander Koltypin, Director of Moscow's International Independent Ecological-Political University Natural Science Scientific Research Center, investigated several mysterious tracks in the Phyrgian valley which he claims were from vehicles created by intelligent beings.

But here's the catch - he doesn't believe they are man-made.

Dr. Alexander Koltypin, a geologist, believes that the tracks were made by intelligent beings.

Alexander Koltypin

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We all have that bad photo that could benefit from a little Photoshop magic. The picture in question probably has bad lighting or you may want to delete an embarrassing facial mark. Other times, enhancing the image’s color is enough while there are also instances when, such in the case below, you just need to get rid of what seems to be a photobombing kid in the background.

An Imgur user named damnfiddles shared a lovely photo of him and his partner smooching on the beach. Now he wanted the volleyball-playing kid out of the scene. In short, he was asking a Photoshop favor from other Imgurians.

Here’s the original photo:


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