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Cancer Survivor Shares Baking Soda Recipe That Cured His Stage IV Prostate Tumor





Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world. Up until now, no one has ever found a cure and for this, millions and millions die every day due to the so-called “Big C.” A

While chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery have been deemed appropriate for cancer treatment, the outcomes remain bleak. These treatments can only prolong life, but not treat it. Finding the ultimate cure is probably one of the most dear wishes of humanity.

Scientists spend hours in laboratories just to develop the perfect medicine, but for a cancer survivor, it did not take too long for him to be free of the disease.

Meet Vernon “Vito” Johnston. He was diagnosed with Stage IV Aggressive Prostate cancer in 2008. The cancer has spread to his bones, which means his disease is not in its mild stages anymore. He was devastated.

On one fateful day, his son who lives in Las Vegas mentioned something about pH and how it affects the body. He did a little research and found out about Cesium therapy. Cesium is a mineral that likes to eat up cancer and attacks the tumor inside out. Unfortunately, the cesium he ordered got lost in the mail. He could not wait for a reshipment so he thought about an alternative.

That’s when baking soda crossed his mind. According to his online researches, baking soda can also alkalize the body or raise pH just like Cesium.

So, he took a baking soda solution on June 2, 2008 and stopped on June 12, 2008. He had to stop because he was scheduled for another bone scan the following day.

The medical report took a couple of days before it arrived in Vito’s mail. He was so nervous upon opening the letter. When he finally open it, it read:


Vito cried like a baby.

Two days after, he received another medical report in the mail that said that his blood PSA level has been reduced to only 0.1!

Want to know how to make the breakthrough baking soda solution that cured Vito? Here is an instructional video:

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It may sound too good to be true but if it does, then this is a miracle! We mean, who would have thought that the biggest disease in the entire world can be cured by a simple kitchen ingredient?

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