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Vegan ‘Appalled’ After Pizza Hut Gave Him Dairy Ice Cream Toppings

“This is appalling. I am outraged, heartbroken. In fact, I feel like my lifestyle has been mocked.”


A vegan visited Pizza Hut to try out its new “Veganuary” range after recently adopting an entirely animal-free diet. Kori Paul Swabey first enjoyed a jackfruit pizza and then decided to finish his meal with the restaurant’s new dairy-free deserts.

After being assured by the waitress that all the options were vegan, the 23-year-old went to help himself. However, he was concerned after seeing milk listed as an ingredient on the bottles of toppings.

Kori said:

“I ate the ice cream, but the toppings when I checked the bottles clearly stated they contained milk. It’s like she just rushed it because it was busy.

This is appalling. I am outraged, heartbroken. In fact, I feel like my lifestyle has been mocked. It’s a mistake that shouldn’t have happened, I could have had an allergy to milk.”

The incredibly disappointed customer shared that he is “passionate” about protecting animals, which is why he shifted to a vegan diet.

He added that he wasn’t born vegan as he only started the lifestyle change not too long ago. However, Kori noted that he’s “passionate and serious” about being vegan.

Pizza Hut did the right thing and apologized for the trouble and offered a free meal. However, Kori declined and said he doesn’t want to return.

A spokesperson said:

“Ensuring the welfare of our guests is extremely important to us. All of our nutritional and allergen information is available in a printed book in each of our restaurants and also online.”

The spokesperson noted that all staff received special training. But with numerous ingredients being used daily in the restaurant, they encourage guests to “check the information for themselves through the formats available.”

The spokesperson added:

“We’re sorry that in this instance, the wrong information was given to the customer as a result of human error.”


People Are Calling Netflix’s ‘You’ The ‘Creepiest Show Out There’

The Penn Badgley series has just been confirmed for a second season!

Netflix is currently on a roll with terrifying films like Bird Box and the interactive phenomenon Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. However, people are getting chills down their spines while watching the new series You. In fact, it's being called the "creepiest show ever" to air on the streaming service.

There is little doubt that post-apocalyptic films like Bird Box can make anyone fearful of the future. At the same time, Bandersnatch viewers find themselves going down a rabbit hole with the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure premise. However, You hits the right spots for its simple concept and the eerie feeling that the same thing can happen to you because of what you actually share on social media.

Be careful about what you post on social media!

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13 Doctors That Are So Hot, You Won’t Mind Being A Patient

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away — but what if the doctor is super hot?

Many people fear a trip to the doctor. They are intimidating and stern — at least that’s what everyone thinks.

The truth of the matter is that there are other doctors out there that will give a whole other meaning to the word “fever.” Here are 13 doctors and medical students that are so hot that you won’t mind being a patient. They may even make you fake your illness just to visit their clinics.

1. Dr. Mike Varshavski

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Makeup Trends In 2019 Will Be A Lot Different From 2018 And Men Will Really Like Them

I love #3!

Beauty trends are moving fast and loose in the age of social media. Makeup artists, beauty gurus, celebrities, and influencers have been actively competing for who can win the award of the best eyebrows ever — but that’s going to change this year.

Men will really like this year’s makeup as women will be looking more natural than last year. Here are eight 2019 makeup trends in 2019 that are a lot different from 2018.

1. Blush instead of contouring.

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