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Cadbury To Start Selling ‘Vegan Chocolate’ Soon

So… Cadbury Dairy-Free?

  • Mondelez International is currently testing a dairy-free version of their Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar.
  • The said product will be mainly targeting the vegan market.
  • No official launch dates or price have been announced, so far.

Mondelez International has recently revealed about their plans of releasing a “plant-based Cadbury Dairy Milk.” According to the company, the said product will be marketed towards vegans and the sweet treat is already a work in progress, although there are no specific dates yet as to when they will actually hit the shelves.

In a LadBible interview, a Mondelez spokesperson shared that they always take time to hear out their customers, especially as they strive to develop and offer “greater choices of products.”

“We are only interested in launching a new vegan product that retains the texture and taste that our consumers expect and love from Cadbury products,” said the manufacturer’s representative.

The current version of Dairy Milk chocolate bar contains “426 ml of fresh liquid milk in every 227 g of milk chocolate,” according to the company’s official UK website. This means they have to use a dairy-free alternative that still wouldn’t compromise the taste of the product.

Since the news broke about the upcoming chocolate, netizens have had mixed reactions, so far.

For example, one commenter wrote:

“This is awesome! I already miss eating Dairy Milk since I switched to the vegan diet.”

Meanwhile, another suspected:

“I’m guessing this will cost twice or thrice the regular product? If so, it’s an easy pass for me!”

Of course, it is worth-noting that Mondelez isn’t the only major chocolate maker to cater to vegan consumers.

In November 2019, Mars launched three vegan versions of their Galaxy chocolate bars.

The product came with three flavors namely Caramelized Hazelnut, Caramel and Sea Salt, and Smooth Orange. The bars had a tag of $3.89 per 100g bar, which means it costs twice the price of the original Galaxy.


McDonald’s Australia Will Soon Use Wooden Utensils To Get Rid of Plastic For Good

And we’re lovin’ it!

  • Plastic straws and cutlery will soon be phased out in all McDonald's stores across Australia.
  • The fast food giant will instead use wooden utensils in their daily operations.
  • The major change has been announced by the company during a national plastics summit in Canberra.

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Smart Dog Goes To Police Station To Report Himself Missing

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  • Chico's name tag was missing from his collar.
  • When Sergeant Rusty Martin called the animal services to scan his microchip, Chico ran away again.

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Architect Designs Minimalist Home Built Into Huge Rock Boulders

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  • The gorgeous minimalist home is inspired by the Mada’in Saleh rock tombs in Saudi Arabia.

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