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Photographer Creates Epic “Outdoor” Scenes Using Unbelievably Realistic Dioramas

Jamie Casadores





We rarely see photographers’ grueling work behind the scenes to capture amazing pictures. It often involves finding the perfect shooting locations and a crew to take charge of the models and lighting effects. Thus, you really can’t expect spending very little in photoshoots.

However, one photographer is changing the name of the game. Vatsal Kataria is a commercial still life photographer who does miniature photography and turns fantasies into reality. His craft allows him to take astounding photos with breath-taking landscapes all in the comfort of his studio. He even shoots mind-blowing locations such as rocky mountains and raging seas without breaking a sweat. The best thing about everything is his photoshoots are all budget-friendly.

Looks like a scene from a movie? Actually, it was all shot in a home studio!

How did he do it? He made use of stuff just lying around to create his props and dioramas. Those enormous mountains? They were made up of plaster of parts and old paper. The roads were polystyrene sheets and mixture of plaster and black paint. He also used some polystyrene sheets, homemade foliage, baking powder for snow and some paints.

Just a touch of Photoshop afterwards and the results are pricey-looking photos beyond imagination. The process takes him 3-15 days from concept-making to the execution of the project.

According to Kataria,

“It’s just a myth that you cannot do great photography without great and expensive props and utilities. It’s endless what you can do with it and do it the way you want to.”

Check out his amazing photographs below:


























Interested in trying miniature photography? Kataria shares the process of how he makes his props and dioramas to finishing up via Photoshop on his YouTube channel. Here is how to make the ‘Space Stroll’ photograph.

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