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Despite Warnings From China, US Will Send More Warships Near Man-made Islands





Several weeks ago, we shared with you the news about the United States’ announcement that they will sail their warship near the location of the controversial China-made islands in the West Philippines Sea. Well, it seems U.S. pushed through with their plans and China is completely unhappy about it.

China openly expressed their disappointment and has even breathed out warnings against the act. In fact, China asked the U.S. ambassador to Beijing in a protest that accused the United States of “serious provocation.” On top of that, Zhang Yesui, Chinese vice foreign minister, said that the act was “extremely irresponsible.”

U.S. officials, on the other hand, brushed it off and said that they will conduct more similar missions soon.

Carter confirmed that USS Lassen sailed within 12 nautical miles of the disputed area.

us-china-patrol 1

Photo credit: RT

Ash Carter, U.S. Defense Secretary, confirmed this in an interview:

“There have been naval operations in that region in recent days and there will be more in the weeks and months to come. We will fly, sail and operate wherever international law permits.”

Despite China’s anger, one U.S. official said “We will do it again.”

us-china-patrol 2

Photo credit: EPA

Another U.S. official, who wished to remain anonymous, was even more frank:

“We will do it again. We sail in international waters at a time and place of our choosing.”

John Kirby argues that the area is a “free zone” according to international laws.

us-china-patrol 3

Photo credit: TheGuardian

Even John Kirby of the State Department agrees that the U.S. does not need any kind of permission to sail or fly in the area. It is, according to him, a free zone based on international laws.

Kirby said:

“You don’t need to consult with any nation when you are exercising the right of freedom of navigation in international waters. The whole point of freedom of navigation in international waters is that it’s international waters.”

It’s funny how the bully dislikes being bullied. Get a dose of your own medicine, China!


H/T: SCMP, TheGuardian

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