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Unicorn Armpit Hair Is 2019’s First Colorful New Trend

Are you ready for the new unicorn trend?


The past year has been filled with truly interesting trends. However, it looks like 2019 will be no different. The first colorful trend for the year is finally here and it’s all about Unicorn Armpit Hair.

Armpit hair is certainly making a major comeback in 2019 after women decided to get rid of their razors and go au naturel. With Januhairy, several women allowed their body hair to grow naturally and share their progress on social media. However, Unicorn Armpit Hair is taking that trend up to a new level.

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Rainbows Pits 🌈🌈🌈 Got to do my bff @potatoeslaughing today! Check out the process on my story! She also wanted some rainbow underarms for St. Louis Pride this weekend! We did all of her hair using @pulpriothair color and @kevinmurphyhair color and conditioned her thirsty locks with @brazilianbondbuilder ! . . . . . . . #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon #notchstl #stl #stlouis #thegrovestl #grovestl #hairstl #stlhair #hairstlouis #stlouishairstylist #hairstyliststlouis #stlhairstylist #caitlinfordhair #anthonythebarber916 #authentichairarmy #esteticausa #imallaboutdahair #licensedtocreate #cosmoprof #fiidnt #brazilianbondbuilder #colortrak #pulpriot #pride #pridemonth #dyedpits #rainbowhair #pinkhair

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#rainbowgirl #officialrainbowgirl #rainbow #dyedpits #armpithair

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So what exactly is this new trend about? The idea is to dye the armpit hair in bright colors. Some creative ladies are going for pink, purple, or orange. However, others yet are going for a rainbow theme.

Not quite ready for multi-colored armpits but still want to embrace the unicorn trend? You can try adding some glitter for a change.

Anyone can try the trend as long as they have been growing their armpit hair for some time. Not surprisingly, even celebrities are dying their hair. For instance, Miley Cyrus is proud to go orange.

Women are not the only ones who are trying the Unicorn Armpit Hair trend. Some men have also joined in and are loving their brightly colored pits.

Although most people are loving the trend, some are not quite as impressed. A few netizens are claiming that women should shave their armpit hair and leave the hairy pits to men. Some have even pointed out that too much body hair is a sign of bad personal hygiene.

Love it or hate it, Unicorn Armpit Hair looks like it’s here to stay.

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Get it girl. @mileycyrus #freeyourpits

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What do you think of this colorful new trend? Would you like to try it out? Should everyone just grab their razors again? Let us know in the comments below.


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