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20 Places Where You Can Find Nature At Its Most Colorful





Nature is already abundant with gorgeous colors, but sometimes, with help from natural pigments, an ordinary-looking landscape will turn into a stunning location that will make you think you’ve been warped to a fairy tale world.

We have seen the different colors of leaves and flower and remarkable natural lights that add to the gorgeousness of a landscape. But bacteria can also help contribute to the unique hues of bodies of water.

Here are 20 images to show you the beauty of nature in vivid colors.

#1. Zhangye Danxia, China


Source: HDWallpapers

Can you imagine nature has this to offer? This beautiful rainbow mountains are located in the province of Gansu. Thanks to red sandstone and mineral deposits, this wonderful site has become a popular tourist attraction.

#2. Fly Geyser, Nevada, US


Source: Tasdom

The geyser’s formation is a result of a well drilling accident back in the 1960’s. The well may have somewhat been left improperly capped, which then made dissolved minerals to rise and contribute to the growing formation of what people now see. But we need to thank the thermophilic algae, which contribute to the beauty of the mound.

#3. Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


You may think that this rainbow hot spring is enhanced with photo editing apps, but science actually has played a big role in giving its beautiful colors. There are different organisms found in the hot spring, but mostly it contains a type of cyanobacteria called Synechococcus, according to the Smithsonian.

#4. Lavender Fields, Provence, France


When you need a breath of fresh air, this plantation in Provence, France should give you the sweet fragrance and lovely view of lavender fields.

#5. Paint Mines, Colorado, USA


This park in Colorado offers majestic geological formations formed by erosion, which exposed jasper and seienite clay.

#6. Spiaggia Rosa, Italy


Source: Incredibilia

Corals and seashell fragments give this lovely Italian beach its pink-colored sands. It’s like being in a cotton-candy shore—only it doesn’t feel fluffy.

#7. Caño Cristales river, Colombia


Call it photoshopped, but this rainbow river actually exists. This central Colombian beauty is mostly red in color due to the Themacarenia clavigera plant found in the river. But thanks to black rocks, blue water, yellow sand and green algae this river produces a dramatic rainbow effect.

#8. Danakil Depression, Ethiopia


This harsh environment is noted for its bright green and yellow colors due to deposits of salt and sulphur.

#9. Tulip Fields, Netherlands


Source: Are Fixx

This tulip plantation reminds me of pastel sticks. The best time to visit this Holland plantation is from March to May. They’re breathtakingly beautiful and, when viewed from above, is just unbelievably gorgeous.

Source: Norman Szkop
#10. Seven Coloured Earths, Mauritius


Source: Jeffsetter

This colorful formation is found in the Chamarel plain of Mauritius. It is believed that the different colors observed in the formation are caused by molten volcanic rock cooling down at various rates.

#11. Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan


This tunnel with wisterias hanging on it makes you feel that you’re walking through a pastel fairy tale land.

Source: Be Limitless
#12. Red Sea Beach, China


The Sueda plant species contributes to the bright red color of the marshlands. It starts out as a light red plant in April, while the mature plants are deep red in color.

Source: Newshonk
#13. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia


This lake tinted by colored red is flocked by flamingos. The red color is due to the red algae that inhabit the waters.

Source: Matt Walker
#14.Lake Hillier, Australia


Source: The Veox

The pinkish waters in this lake are a beautiful contrast to the surrounding lush forests. The pink-colored liquid doesn’t change in color even if you collect a small amount of the lake water. The organism called Dunaliella salina contributes to the beautiful pink color.

#15. Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA


No, it’s not just ordinary blue in color. The waters are deep turquoise in color and it’s all due to high levels of magnesium and calcium carbonate.

#16. Lake Natron, Tanzania


The evaporated lakes give off the cracked red appearance. When the water evaporates, the salt levels of the lake increase that microorganisms, which give off the red color, start to thrive.

#17. Northern Lights


Of course, the Northern Lights always make it to the list when it comes to nature’s beauty. Pictured above are Northern Lights in Iceland and below is the phenomenon in Denmark.

#18. Reed Flute Cave, China


This natural limestone cave is a popular attraction in Guangxi, China. The beautiful rainbow appearance is due to artificial lighting.

#19.Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, Alaska


Source: Flickr

This remote national park in the U.S. shows off its remarkable beauty during autumn.

#20. Glowworm Caves, New Zealand


This unique cave in Waitomo, New Zealand is populated by glowworms (Arachnocampa luminosa), which give off the soft lights, as if you’re walking in a magical place.

Nature has so many surprises and it never fails to amaze you! Have you been to any of these places? What do you think of the colorful places nature has to offer? Share this post if you think they’re truly magnificent.

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