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One Woman Dyes Armpit Hair In Rainbow Colors For ‘Januhairy’





The first month of the year is almost over yet the trend known as Januhairy is still going strong. Although most women have been content to simply put away their razors, one creative lady is taking it even further. This amazing woman has chosen to dye her armpit hair in rainbow colors because, well, why not?

Emerald Jade of Arkansas has been allowing her armpit hair to grow for some time since shaving irritates her sensitive skin. The 24-year-old was clearly pleased when Januhairy was announced and she decided to take it to another level. In celebration of the body hair movement, Emerald has dyed her hair bright pink. However, it isn’t the only rainbow color she has done for her body hair.

According to Emerald, she has tried almost every color in the rainbow when it comes to dyeing her armpit hair. Although it started out as something fun to do, she admits that the colors have an added bonus.

“The only colors I haven’t been are red and orange, just as I don’t like them all that much. But everything else – pink, purple, green – you name it, I’ve done it,” Emerald said. “I started out dyeing my pit hair as a bit of fun, but now I feel much more confident and empowered.”

Like Laura Jackson, who started the Januhairy movement, Emerald believes that women should embrace their body hair rather than feel pressured to shave or wax.

“Body hair is a personal choice, and what I do with my armpits is up to me, and no different to what someone chooses to do with their head hair or eyebrows.”

Januhairy is currently supporting The Body Gossip Education Programme, a self-esteem class for young women. In addition to promoting body acceptance, it aims to empower girls against pressure.

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