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Unicorn Armpit Hair Is One Of The Craziest Social Media Trends There Is





Do you prefer to have your armpits shaved or “natural”? For many women, having a hairy armpit seems to be a strange idea. But for others, growing their armpit hair is fine, ideal even. Some women even use their armpit hair as a symbol of feminism or “girl power.”

Indeed, it has become more common now to see women, including famous celebrities, rocking hairy armpits. But what is not so common is this: colorful armpit hair. Yes, it’s a thing. In recent months, this trend of what people call “unicorn armpit hair” has taken social media by storm.

This trend became popular particularly during the Pride month when a St. Louis-based hairstylist and colorist, Caitlin Ford, shared photos of her dye job on a client’s pits. She aptly called her work, “Rainbow Pits.”

How else would you celebrate Pride than with rainbows coupled with a don’t-give-a-darn attitude, right?

This trend of unicorn armpit hair might have started thanks to the unicorn hair trend and its various spin-offs. It quickly gained attention due to the mesmerizing look of women’s hair sporting vibrant, different hues. Ford herself specializes in unicorn hair treatments.

Who wouldn’t take a second look at these fascinating works?

And if such gorgeous color work can be done to your hair, why not to your armpit hair, right?

Hence, the unicorn armpit hair trend.

Celebrities would not even shy away from this colorful, funky trend. Miley Cyrus, for example, once joined the fun, too.

While some would like to stick to one vibrant color, others take it to the next level and combine different shades to achieve a more creative look.

Here’s an example from a social media influencer who calls herself The Official Rainbow Girl.

Amazing and creative dye job aside, this unicorn armpit hair trend may not be for everyone. Some might think it’s just a crazy fad, while others view it as a form of creative expression.

Regardless of our feelings about unicorn hair, it’s safe to say that this trend won’t likely go away anytime soon. After all, it seems to appeal not just to women but also to men, as shown in the video below.

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How about you? What do you think of the unicorn armpit hair trend? Yay or nay? Share your thoughts below!

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