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She Didn’t know She was 6 Months Pregnant. The Ultrasound Result Stunned the Doctors!





I’ve heard a case or two about women who are unaware that they are with child up until the second or third trimester of pregnancy. In some cases, they rush to the ER complaining of severe abdominal pain. After several diagnostic tests and laboratory work ups, they’ll be so shocked to find out that they are pregnant.

Shelby Magnani had the same experience. She went to see a doctor because she was experiencing a very sharp pain on her left abdomen. After getting an ultrasound, imagine her surprise when the doctor told her she was already six months pregnant at that time!

There have been reports of such cases across the globe, but what made Shelby’s case more extraordinary was the fact that she had conceived twins who shared the same amniotic sac. The twins’ condition had posed a great threat to their survival; it was highly probable that one of the fetus could have had a significant medical condition and not survive.

Fortunately, the twins were delivered successfully, and Shelby now has two healthy baby girls!

Watch this amazing video:

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H/T: FlyGhetto via SFGlobe

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