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Ultimate Love Test: Man’s Girlfriend and Ex-Partner Jump Into River To See Who He’d Save!

Ah, the things we do for love. Seriously, what were they thinking?






Every time I hear a guy say that all girls are crazy, I can’t help but disagree. It’s usually wrong to generalize that women are nuts, just like how it’s wrong to say that all men are players. But I guess it’s safe to say that, well, some girls are indeed crazy. Forgive me for breaking the ‘sis code’, or for backing out of the Sisterhood, but some girls are just undoubtedly insane.

Take the women in this messed up and conflicted love triangle as a perfect example of such kind of insani… err, eccentricity.


Photo credit: Elite Daily

The conflict reportedly began when 21-year-old Wu Hsia ended his love affair with long-term girlfriend, 20-year-old Jun Tang, to be with another woman, 22-year-old Rong Tsao. Jun, now the ex-girlfriend, could not believe that she’s out of Wu’s life so she untiringly stalked Wu for weeks. Eventually, this Romeo got fed up so he decided to set up a meeting between the three of them to finally clear everything up.

The day of the rendezvous came and as expected, the girls began to fight. Then everything went haywire. Jun decided to jump into the river and begged for Wu to save her (what a way to gain attention, huh). The girlfriend, Rong, must have sensed that her boyfriend would jump in and save Jun so she jumped into the river, too, and cried for him to save her instead of the ex. That just sounds so wrong, doesn’t it?

The ultimate test: Both girls jumped into the river to see who he’d save.


Photo credit: Mirror

Naturally, Wu saved Rong and brought her to the hospital, leaving Jun behind in the murky river. At least he called his brother, who in turn called the fire department, to save Jun. If leaving her behind in the river is not enough to make her realize that she should move on with her life, then I certainly don’t know what will.

Wu jumped in to save his girlfriend and called his brother to rescue his ex.


Photo credit: Mirror

On second thought, maybe a screwdriver can help tighten those loose screws.

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Poor Dog Took Bullets After Protecting Owners From Home Invasion

Awww… Poor baby!

Ann Moises



I've heard several stories and have seen so many movies wherein a dog risks its own life to save its master. Those stories really make me cry, especially when the dog gets hurt. I know for a fact that these loyal, furry friends would stay by our side to comfort and protect us no matter what.

Damian Strickland, his girlfriend Mersadie Wells-Shahan, and Mersadie's mother, Brenda Cronk can also attest to that. These three people were saved by a dog when they were violently attacked in their home at Tampa, Florida last February.

Damian, who was just outside his home around 11:14 P.M., saw five men approaching. When he tried to go back to his house, one the perpetrators hit him with a pistol and dragged him inside where the two women, and Legend- Damian's bullmastiff mix were. As the men tried to tie and restrain Mersadie and Damian, Legend attacked the perpetrators and was able to bite the left hand of one of the intruders. The perpetrators fought back and shot Legend twice before fleeing the house, when the women screamed.

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It’s a MIRACLE! Baby Dislodged 25 Feet in Car Crash Opens Eyes and Smiles at Rescuers

You won’t believe how this baby ejected 25 feet from car crash site survived!

Mini Malabanan



Rescuers couldn’t believe how a  7-month-old baby miraculously survived a car crash that dislodged her 25 feet from the site.

According to a report by Fox News, Lashanda Goldsmith was just driving around Philadelphia Drive in Ohio when her van was hit by a vehicle causing her daughter Madison to be thrown out of the car.

When the rescuers found Madison’s car seat, it was face down. Madison’s eyes were closed and rescuers initially thought she was already gone. Moments later, the baby miraculously opened her eyes and gave her rescuers a smile!

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Married Actor Wakes Up With His Testicles STOLEN After Making Out With An Attractive Mystery Girl.

He should’ve just taken his balls and gone home to his beloved wife.

Bernadette Carillo



30-year old TV soap actor and currently children’s animator Dmitry Nikolaev, was rushed to hospital after waking up in a bus stop feeling acute pain with blood on his trousers. Nikolaev only remembered being approached by a blonde woman at a bar after his performance at a small Moscow theatre. He added that the “blondie” flirted with him as they took a couple of rounds of beer and even invited him to a sauna of which he agreed to. “They kissed and had some more beer and after that the actor remembers nothing,” reports MailOnline.

Initially embarrassed to explain the incident to his wife, the doctors revealed that he had been drugged and had his testicles castrated perhaps by a scoundrel doctor or even a veterinarian. “I thought I just had a cut, but at the hospital, they told me my testicles were removed,” he said, according to a translation.

The Russian Police are now engaged in tracking a gang – believed to include a surgeon, as the organ is “skillfully” detached. The authorities fear that the syndicate is known for drugging their victims first and later on selling human organs on the black market.

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