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Stray Dog Kicked By Cruel Man Returns With A Pack Of Friends To Destroy His Car





An obviously angry stray tagged his fellow badass canine pack after being kicked by a rude man. What’s their target? The man’s most prized trophy —– his car.

Reports say that a man in Chongqing, China found the dog peacefully lying on his reserved parking spot. Obviously, dogs do not belong to this man’s circle of friends as he kicked it instead of shooing it away.

Minutes later, a neighbor who was off to the same parking lot witnessed the victimized stray with his fellow vigilantes trashing the man’s car. The neighbor was lucky enough to take some evidences.

Despite reports on animal violence and abuse, it is ironic that China still lack proper animal welfare acts. In fact, some isolated parts of Northern China even use brutal dog fight as a source of entertainment.

This dog wasn’t happy about being literally kicked out of the parking spot.
So he tagged along his gang to get some tasty revenge.
Luckily, an alarmed neighbor captured them on camera.
These canines are so clever, they even have a look out. haha!
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