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Two Grown Men Found Out They Were Switched at Birth at a Canadian Hospital


It sounds like a typical soap opera plot twist – but no, this one really happened in real life. David Tait and Leon Swanson were both born at the Norway House Hospital in Manitoba, Canada in 1975. But they went home to the wrong families. Apparently, in a sick plot twist, the hospital accidentally switched the babies and gave them to the wrong parents. And David and Leon just found out about the truth four decades later.

This was not the only incident of baby-switching at Norway House Hospital. In 2015, two other men also discovered that they had been switched at birth.

According to former Manitoba Cabinet Minister Eric Robinson,

“The first time can be discounted as a mistake; a second time, in my view, is a criminal activity.”

The Canadian government has launched an investigation on the cases of baby-switching.

Watch their heartbreaking story below:

Norway House Hospital now issues ID bands to babies in order to prevent future cases of switching.

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