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What Eating Two Bananas A Day Will Do To Your Body

I didn’t know bananas have these many benefits!

Grace Alviar Viray





Modern technology and advances in food and nutrition has made it easy for us maintain good health. Many different kinds of supplements, power bars and health drinks are proliferating in the market, claiming that they can cure and prevent different kinds of illnesses.

With that said, some people have already forgotten that essential nutrients can be found in unprocessed, natural foods. Like bananas!

In the following video, FoodNSport lists ten health advantages in eating two bananas daily. A few of its advantages include helping our body regulate blood pressure because of its potassium, being able to provide an energy boost with just a few calories, and improving one’s mood because of its tryptophan content.

Watch the video here to find out the other benefits of eating bananas:

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Indeed, eating two bananas a day will bring good health to our bodies in more ways that we can imagine!


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