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Toyota’s Sci-Fi-Style Car Gives You a Peek of the Future

This futuristic car from Toyota transforms depending on your speed.


This type of technology looks like it came straight from a sci-fi movie. In fact, it kinda bears a faint resemblance to the floating wheelchair of X-Men founder Professor X and those ones used by the chubby earthlings from Wall-E.

And it looks really awesome!

Created by Toyota, the i-Real is an electric 3-wheeled, 1-passenger vehicle powered by lithium-ion batteries. This ‘Personal Mobility Concept’ is being considered by many as the ‘car of the future’ because of its unique features and capabilities. You can use different modes and it transforms depending on your speed.

Toyota’s i-Real transforms depending on your speed.


Photo credit: UniqueFacts

When switched to Low-Speed Mode, the i-Real will be in upright position meaning you will be moving in a regular walking position. You are in the same height with other pedestrians, except that you are not using your legs to walk. As you shift to High-Speed, the vehicle extends length-wise and puts you in a leaning position. This will then give you a speed of 18.6 mph.

You can use the two joysticks to control the i-Real. The joysticks will allow you to navigate the vehicle without much hassle. You can go any direction as soon as you get used to the controls. The perimeter-monitoring sensor feature also alerts you when you are in collision with another person or object.

See the vehicle in motion here:

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Can you imagine the i-Real becoming a big hit in the future? Will we live to say the day when this type of vehicle dominates the streets? I think it would be cool. Of course, I’m sure cars wouldn’t go away but it would be neat if we can have a dedicated street lane for these vehicles or when these are allowed inside bigger establishments.

How about you? Share your insights about this topic by hitting the comment section below.

H/T: UniqueFacts and Wikipedia.


The World’s First Successful Head Transplant is Just Another Hoax

Although this success story can be considered another ladder to the winding staircase of “what ifs”, one cannot disregard that science and technology can be both dangerous yet efficient.

This just might be the cure that all cancer patients have been waiting for. This was the expected promise of a pool of surgeons who were believed to successfully conduct the first ever head transplant in the medical history. However, as this article continues to circulate the internet, more people are questioning its authenticity. Did this operation really take place?

It all started with a 36-year-old US-based Paul Horner who was believed to be diagnosed with a bone cancer five years ago. However, the story became even more interesting when a professor who claimed to be under the name Myron Danus allegedly lead a medical team who conducted the first ever successful head transplant.

As the conspiracy progress, a statement was also released stating: “Before the operation, Horner’s body was riddled with cancer and he had less than a month to live. We were fortunate enough to find a donor body; a 21-year-old man who has been brain dead from a serious car accident that happened in 2012. The boy’s body worked just fine, but his brain was not functioning whatsoever, and there was absolutely no chance of recovery.”

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This Woman Says This is the Primary Reason “Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis”.

Why fat girls shouldn’t wear bikinis.

Media's standard of beauty glorifies lean and slim bodies. Only fit-looking women should wear crop tops, bikinis, skinny jeans, etc. Do you think it is about time to stop body-shaming on social media? Any kind of '-shaming' on social media should stop. Anybody should be able to wear what they want, regardless of size, age, or gender.

According to YouTube star Loey Lane, fat girls in bikinis often get mixed reviews. So this featured video points out the most common complaints about larger women wearing bikinis, and what these body-shaming reviews made her realize.

Here's her list of the reasons why fat girls shouldn't wear bikinis (apparently):
  1. Bikinis don't look good on bigger girls.
  2. It makes people uncomfortable.
  3. It promotes obesity.
  4. Big women who wear bikinis are asking for 'feedback'.
Watch Loey Lane's video and let us know your thoughts on this matter.

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Sneaky Crow Hitches a Ride at the Back of a Bald Eagle

Someone’s getting a free ride again!


Remember the fantastic moment when a baby weasel decided to hitch a ride at the back of a woodpecker? The rare sight was luckily caught on camera and the unbelievable images certainly took the Internet by storm.

This time, stunning photos of a crow getting a ride at the back of a bald eagle is making rounds on the Internet.

California-based bird photographer Phoo Chan was at the right place and at the right time when he photographed the incredible moment a crow lands and rides the bald eagle.

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