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Toyota’s Sci-Fi-Style Car Gives You a Peek of the Future





This type of technology looks like it came straight from a sci-fi movie. In fact, it kinda bears a faint resemblance to the floating wheelchair of X-Men founder Professor X and those ones used by the chubby earthlings from Wall-E.

And it looks really awesome!

Created by Toyota, the i-Real is an electric 3-wheeled, 1-passenger vehicle powered by lithium-ion batteries. This ‘Personal Mobility Concept’ is being considered by many as the ‘car of the future’ because of its unique features and capabilities. You can use different modes and it transforms depending on your speed.

Toyota’s i-Real transforms depending on your speed.


Photo credit: UniqueFacts

When switched to Low-Speed Mode, the i-Real will be in upright position meaning you will be moving in a regular walking position. You are in the same height with other pedestrians, except that you are not using your legs to walk. As you shift to High-Speed, the vehicle extends length-wise and puts you in a leaning position. This will then give you a speed of 18.6 mph.

You can use the two joysticks to control the i-Real. The joysticks will allow you to navigate the vehicle without much hassle. You can go any direction as soon as you get used to the controls. The perimeter-monitoring sensor feature also alerts you when you are in collision with another person or object.

See the vehicle in motion here:

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Can you imagine the i-Real becoming a big hit in the future? Will we live to say the day when this type of vehicle dominates the streets? I think it would be cool. Of course, I’m sure cars wouldn’t go away but it would be neat if we can have a dedicated street lane for these vehicles or when these are allowed inside bigger establishments.

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H/T: UniqueFacts and Wikipedia.

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