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Sweden Implements 6-Hour Working Day Experiments. The Results Are Astounding!

As some Swedish companies have discovered, decreasing the working hours increased both productivity and profit.


This is the type of news that will surely excite employees.

According to some research conducted over at Sweden, reducing the working hours from 8 hours to merely 6 can be mutually effective for both the company and its employees.

This is the conclusion that a Swedish retirement house has come up with after they have been implementing 6-hour working days since February. According to them, productivity in the workplace has significant improved – plus their nurses are no longer as stressed. The retirement house didn’t change the salary but simply took two hours a day from the regular shift.

Aside from fulfilling her duties, this nurse even has the time to dance with patients.

sweden-working-hours 1

Photo credit: Unilad

This initiative, however, isn’t the first of its kind since some companies in the country already gave it a try about a decade ago.

Ann-Charlotte Dahlbom Larrson, head of an elderly care facility, spoke:

“Since the 1990’s we have had more work and fewer people, we can’t do it anymore. There is a lot of illness and depression among staff in the care sector because of exhaustion – the lack of balance between work and life is not good for anyone.”

This Toyota auto mechanic only works from 6:00 am to 12:00 nn.

sweden-working-hours 2

Photo credit: Unilad

The Toyota branch over at Gothenburg had a similar experience. In fact, the company has required their laborers to work 6-hour days for over 13 years now.

The Managing Director shared:

“Staff feel better, there is low turnover and it is easier to recruit new people. They have a shorter travel time to work, there is more efficient use of the machines and lower capital costs – everyone is happy.”

To make things more awesome, Toyota adds that their profits have gone up by 25%. Although the shorter shift has its share of drawbacks, many in Sweden agree that the positives far outweigh the negative.

If you’ve been thinking about living and working in Sweden, these 6-hour working days are probably a good reason to do so.

H/T: Unilad



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