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Tourists Destroy Rare Pink Grass For Selfie





It is evident that people enjoy taking selfies. Gone are the days when you need to wait for one week to see the results of your camera. Today, it only takes one tap, and you can share your amazing selfie to the world.

Selfies are more popular than ever, thanks to social media. Most of the time, selfies are harmless but there are instances when they can cause destruction. Just take these selfie-mad tourists in China, for example. They were so busy trying to take the best shot that they ended up destroying a field of rare pink grass.

According to reports, some holidaymakers in Hangzhou, China was so desperate to get the best background for their photos that they broke the rules and just passed over fences and warning signs to reach the field of beautiful pink grass.

The pink grass doesn’t bloom the whole year-round, but they could stay in bloom for more or less two months during autumn. Unfortunately, the ones in the Binjiang riverside park were destroyed just two weeks after the pink grass started blooming.

Zheng spent three long years to help the pink grass grow. Although she tried so hard to stop visitors from damaging the grass, a lot of them just won’t listen.

She tearfully said:

“It’s like my child is being bullied, but I can’t do anything to stop it.”

A lot of tourists visited the place over the weekend, and most of them didn’t follow the rules. The caretakers were left with no choice but to cut the grass down to preserve them.

People are incredibly upset about the disrespect and damage. One netizen said: “No matter how pretty the pictures are, it will be embarrassing to post them now.”

May this serve as a reminder for tourists everywhere to be aware and sensitive about their surroundings when taking selfies.

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