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Guy’s Drone Selfie Goes Horribly Wrong




  • One man was hiking in the Pisgah national forest in North Carolina.
  • He decided to take a drone selfie to capture the beautiful view on camera.
  • He carelessly put his phone on a steep incline and it slipped.
  • The whole incident was captured on his drone footage.

Drone shots are pretty cool and impressive. We used to only see these amazing shots captured by professionals, but we are now living in the future where anyone can do almost anything.

With that said, one man, who was hiking in the Pisgah national forest in North Carolina, decided to make a drone selfie to take in the beautiful views. However, John learned that creating these magnificent shots are not easy.

John took to Facebook to share his mishap. He started his post by explaining how drones work. He shared that one must secure their phone in the DJI remote control unit, which he didn’t do because he was in a hurry.

He said:

As I sent the drone off for a selfie, I sat the phone down beside me on a steep incline. It was a little too steep and the phone took off for the cliff lick-ity split.

John’s first instinct was to grab his phone, which was a Samsung S8 with a pricey tag of $800. Fortunately, he quickly realized that his life is more important than the device. With the help of his friends screaming in the background, he didn’t continue to follow where the gadget was heading.

After giving himself some time to process what just happened, John asked a friend to call his number and hoped that someone would hear it ringing and answer it. To John’s surprise, the phone did survive the fall.

He also had a paramedic and trained instructor friend that was hiking with him that day. Luckily, the guy also had an evacuation rope.

With a rock climbing background, John roped up and his friend belayed him out to the edge. He then asked someone to call the phone again so he can find its specific location. And just like that, John was reunited with his phone again.

While this incident had a happy ending, it seems that John has an unlucky relationship with drones. He shared on his Facebook page that his third drone was taken at gunpoint in Jordan.

Watch the video here:

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