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Tips on How to Save a Choking Baby and an Older Child





Choking sometimes happens to babies or kids who put toys or small objects inside their mouth or at times caused by food getting stuck in the air passage.

The best way to avoid children choking is to keep out small objects from children’s reach and making sure that they are eating food appropriate for their age, especially for infants.

Sometimes no matter how careful you are or how much you keep an eye to your child, they might end up choking on something. Being knowledgeable on how to assess and respond to a choking baby and bigger child is very important. Besides, it should be done quickly and correctly.

Some parents don’t know what to do when this incident occurs. It’s advisable to take infant and child CPR courses to be able to learn and apply the step by step procedure accurately when this kind of incident occurs.

The New York State Department of Health said,

“At least one child dies from choking on food every five days in the U.S. and more than 10,000 children are taken to a hospital emergency room each year for food choking injuries.”

According to Danielle, first aid trainer of NHS choices, if your baby is choking, securely lay their face down on your thigh supporting the child’s head with your hand. Using your other hand, give five back blows. If the food is still stuck, turn them over and give up to 5 chest thrusts using your two fingers in the middle of the breastbone. Call for an ambulance if after three cycles of five back blows and five chest thrusts did not work.

According to British Red Cross, if your child is older than an infant or toddler; stand behind the child, put your hand around the child’s upper abdomen then using your other hand, give five back blows hitting the child securely between the shoulder blades. If it doesn’t work, use the fist of your other hand then thrust inward and upwards. If the object is still stuck in the airway, repeat three cycles of five back blows and five abdominal thrusts. If it still doesn’t work call an ambulance immediately.

Please watch videos for more detailed step by step information on what you should do with choking babies and older kids.

How to save choking babies:

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How to save choking older kids:

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