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5 Tiny Homes That Are Much Cozier Than Huge Mansions

Size doesn’t matter after all!

Mark Andrew





Let’s face it: hearing the words “cozy home” would likely bring to mind a spacious and elegant modern house – the stuff that rich people and popular celebrities live in.

While having a huge space is often desirable, it is not often the case for many of us who need to make the most of what we have. For those of us with much smaller homes, we have to be experts in cleaning and organizing things so we can still enjoy a comfortable dwelling place with our loved ones.

Well, it looks like size really doesn’t matter if you’re aiming to have a “cozy” house.

These five fine examples of little homes which, surprisingly, look way cozier than many huge mansions.

Scroll down below and see for yourself:

#1. The Portable Home

5 amazing tiny homes 1

Source: Mapa

5 amazing tiny homes 2

Source: Mapa

5 amazing tiny homes 3

Source: Mapa

Designed by a Portuguese architecture company, this awesome house can be disassembled and taken anywhere with the help of a small truck. Can you imagine how fun it would be to take such a nice home with you wherever you go?

#2. The Egg-Shaped Ship House

5 amazing tiny homes 4

Source: Nigel Rigden

5 amazing tiny homes 5

Source: Nigel Rigden

5 amazing tiny homes 6

Source: Nigel Rigden

According to its designer Stephen Turner, this unique house is both self-sustainable and transportable. Technically, this egg-shaped house isn’t a home per se since it was built as a research facility. Looking at its fabulous interiors though, I’m sure work would be the last thing on your mind if you had a comfy one like this.

This unique design was created by Stephen Turner, and it’s both self-sustainable and transportable. It can swim along the shoreline, producing its own energy on the way. Strictly speaking, the ’’egg’’ is not a home: it was built as a research facility to study tides, but it looks way too comfy for work.

#3. The Container House

5 amazing tiny homes 7

5 amazing tiny homes 8

5 amazing tiny homes 9

This cute little house may be smaller than your garage but believe it or not, it can comfortably accommodate a family of three.

#4. The Mountain Home

5 amazing tiny homes 10

Source: Ufogel

5 amazing tiny homes 11

Source: Ufogel

5 amazing tiny homes 12

Source: Ufogel

Specifically created “for the mountain environment,” this house is as cute as it is functional. The shape and stilts are a testament to that plus the big window allows you to enjoy beautiful mountain views.

#5. The Dream House

5 amazing tiny homes 13

5 amazing tiny homes 14

5 amazing tiny homes 15

Built merely on a 320 square feet space, this fantastic England home comes complete with a bathroom, bedroom, living room, and terrace. Most importantly, the views are simply breathtaking!

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