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Guy Catches His Cheating Girlfriend Through Her Eyes’ Reflection




  • TikTok user Sam Nunn recently posted a video, showing how he caught his girlfriend cheating in front of him.
  • As it appears, his woman has been swiping men’s profiles on a dating app while they were together.
  • Netizens suggested that he dump her aas soon as possible while there are others who questioned the video’s authenticity.

A guy on TikTok recently shared a video showing how he caught his girlfriend cheating on him. The short clip, which has since gone viral online, was apparently taken while they were together.

According to Sam Nunn, who goes by @samnunn4 on TikTok, he found proof that she’s unfaithful after seeing something through the reflection of her eyes.

“Thought she had fun baking cookies today,” Nunn captioned his post.

He also used the hashtag #f**klove to express his dismay.

Swiping in front of her boyfriend, unaware that she’s already been caught.

In the video, we see Nunn zooming in on his significant other’s eyes while she’s lying down. And then boom – we see something on her phone screen’s reflection as he goes closer. She’s actually browing profiles of men on dating app Tinder!

This, for him, is sufficient evidence of cheating.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

thought she had fun baking cookies today #fucklove 😔


TikTok users immediately commented on the viral video, with many symphatizing with Nunn and encouraging him to dump her right away.

Someone wrote:

“If she can lay beside you and swipe through that app without a second thought, she’s done this before. You deserve better.”

Another requested:

“Can you record a video of you kicking her out?”

When asked by others if the video is legit, Nunn simply replied “yeah.”

Meanwhile, his bio on TikTok currently reads “it was a joke,” although it remains unclear whether it was about the controversial video or not.

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