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This House In Japan May Look Tiny And Narrow, But Wait Until You Get Inside





When you happen to have acquired a triangular property that’s situated between a road and river in Japan, the best thing you can do is to have someone build your dream house that uses up the land as much as it could. That’s exactly what the guys at Misuishi Architects Atelier did to this tiny and narrow but surprisingly spacious Japanese home.

The house looks rather small from the outside but once you get inside, you’ll be jealous and it will definitely change the way you see small houses. The narrow house measures 594 square feet and it has two stories – not something you would expect. This is what exactly the family of three got from the architect firm. Check out the photos below.

This tiny and narrow home in Japan looks small from the outside.

It is built on a triangular property located between the road and the river.

The home space remains big enough even if everyone in the family of three is home. But when there are guests coming, the owner of the house can create privacy with a sheer curtain. This way, some of the things at home (like the bedroom and a messy one at that) that shouldn’t be seen by guests can stay hidden.

A sheer curtain provides privacy to the bedroom.

Go up to the second floor and you can find this lovely kitchen.

The cooking space is found in the corner of the home making it look as if it’s located in a separate room.

This is the classy living room where you can entertain guests.

You can also spot a kids’ playroom up from where the kitchen is and this can be accessed by a ladder.

Also, check out the house’s amazing bathroom.

This house also has large windows and skylights that will let natural light in during the day.

At night, you can also enjoy star-gazing at the night sky.

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