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This Thief Was Identified and Caught, Thanks to the Power Of Social Media

This thief thinks he can get away with a crime but he is gravely mistaken.


One of the dangers that we encounter to ensure safety in our homes is the threat of thieves. Most people even resort to different measures and ways like installing safety devices such as alarms and home security cameras to get rid of burglars. The best part of course is how these things come in handy.

This thief thought he could get away with a crime but he was absolutely wrong. He was caught on surveillance camera as he leisurely walked in through the garage of a home in Allen Park. At one point, he rolled out a generator and later on jumped in a Corvette, took a gold necklace and decided to leave.

The homeowner wanted to make sure that justice was served so he posted the thief’s photo on social media. A 23-year-old woman named Ashley saw the photo and decided to share it followed by hundreds of others. Luckily, the man was identified and eventually caught. It turns out, he is convicted felon with a pretty long rap sheet.

‘I think it’s really good that people can post this thing on the internet and they get people like that off the street,’ homeowner Jeffrey Burt said.

It’s a great thing that social media was put to a good use this time–to solve crimes and put criminals behind bars.

Watch the video below:

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Credits: WXYZ-TV Detroit, Channel 7


Teenager Survived a Plane Crash and Hiked For 2 Days to Find Help

How this teen survived from a plane crash is believed to be a miracle.

Life is a gift but oftentimes, we fail to appreciate it. We live each day whining about a lot of things, forgetting the fact that we should be grateful instead. For now, let this story teach you how important life is and believe that everyday can be a miracle.

Autumn Veatch was found wandering in the woods by a driver two days after their plane crashed. The 16-year-old teenager was flying in a private plane with her step-grandparents, Leland and Sharon Bowman, from Montana to Washington when it crashed somewhere in northern Washington state. Fortunately, she survived with only some minor injuries.

Autumn Veatch posing in the plane before it took off.


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Teen Girl Burst into Tears After Being Told She’s Too Ginger to Fly

Was she “too ginger” to fly?


A family’s holiday trip turned into a disaster after a 14-year-old redheaded Scottish girl was told she wasn’t fit too fly because of her pale complexion.

Grace Wain was denied to fly on board to Maldives by an Etihad staff at the Manchester airport without obtaining a written confirmation from a doctor.  The check-in staff insisted that the teenage girl was “too pale” to board the flight even after an airport paramedic declared she was all-clear to fly.

“I told them, ‘We live in Scotland. She is a redhead and she has a pale complexion. That’s just the way she is,” says Paul, Grace’s 45-year-old father.

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Idiot Taunts a Raging Bull with Flaming Horns, Immediately Regret it!

This man learns his lesson the hard way when he mess with wrong bull.

This video will prove you once again that "you mess with the bull, you get the horns". Apparently, this man might have missed that when he antagonize one raging bull with flaming horns as if saying, 'Come and get me.'

The incident took place in Mislata, Spain. At first, the bull was taking its time but is ready to attack him and soon after, it did -- leaving the man knocked down. By now he has probably learned his lesson, the hard way of course.

The thing is, if you're looking for trouble, you'll most probably get into one and festivals like this is obviously not an exemption.

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