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This Thief Was Identified and Caught, Thanks to the Power Of Social Media





One of the dangers that we encounter to ensure safety in our homes is the threat of thieves. Most people even resort to different measures and ways like installing safety devices such as alarms and home security cameras to get rid of burglars. The best part of course is how these things come in handy.

This thief thought he could get away with a crime but he was absolutely wrong. He was caught on surveillance camera as he leisurely walked in through the garage of a home in Allen Park. At one point, he rolled out a generator and later on jumped in a Corvette, took a gold necklace and decided to leave.

The homeowner wanted to make sure that justice was served so he posted the thief’s photo on social media. A 23-year-old woman named Ashley saw the photo and decided to share it followed by hundreds of others. Luckily, the man was identified and eventually caught. It turns out, he is convicted felon with a pretty long rap sheet.

‘I think it’s really good that people can post this thing on the internet and they get people like that off the street,’ homeowner Jeffrey Burt said.

It’s a great thing that social media was put to a good use this time–to solve crimes and put criminals behind bars.

Watch the video below:

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Credits: WXYZ-TV Detroit, Channel 7

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