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The Alchemist’s Letter, A Tragic Tale That Reminds Us The Price Of Pursuing Wealth

An amazing yet tragic tale about an alchemist who invented a machine that can transform any metal into gold.

For many centuries, alchemists have devoted their time, energy, and knowledge in search of the “Philosopher’s Stone” otherwise known as “The Sword in the Stone” or “The White Stone by the River”, a mythical substance that can turn ordinary metal into pure gold. It is also believed that the stone can provide ultimate enlightenment and immortality.

These alchemists are often illustrated as men who seriously and obsessively work in front of several tubes and flasks, mixing elements and going through great lengths just to create the elusive material. Much like any ordinary men in this modern world, the alchemist in this heartwarming, short story directed by Carlos Stevens, got caught up in his work that he started to neglect his wife and son. His desire for gold and prestige eventually changed him. And although he was finally able to invent the machine that can successfully transform a metal into the purest form of gold, he had to pay a huge price.

Watch this touching video:

Would you be willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of fortune, fame, and glory?


He Bought a $60,000 Car at an Auction. What He Did with the Key Moved Me!

Rancher bought an expensive car and handed the keys to someone he had never met before!

The most successful people cannot only be defined by how much money they have, but by how big their hearts are. There are those who buy things out of luxury, but a few handful still likes to associate their lavish purchases with a deeper purpose.

Usually, going to auctions are hobbies of the rich, who do not know where to spend their money on; but for rancher Steve Wells, it is more than just purchasing good stuff. In the recent auction he attended, he bought a service car of a fallen deputy worth $60,000. When the keys were handed of to him, he surprisingly gave it to someone he had never met before: the son of the former deputy, Tanner Brownlee.

“This is so huge,” Brownlee told 9News. “Having something I can actually use and drive around, that he drove around in. It just means a lot.”...

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This Dog Roams Around Hospital Corridors Every Morning. When I Found Out Why, I Was Totally Amazed

When therapies other than drugs and medical procedures go a long way…

Medical treatments and interventions sure help lots of sick patients. It provides us with evidence-based breakthrough therapies that have been proven to treat diseases. Professionals in the health care industry always believe and stand by what scientific research tells them. More often than not, these researches delve into the newest drugs or procedures to help ease illnesses.

But for this hospital, a unique kind of therapy is being implemented in their daily routine. Every morning, a teacup poodle walks in the hospital and gives the priceless gift of companionship to the patients. The video below tells it all. It is amazing how such simple gesture can go a long way!

Watch the video here:


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Children From Palm Beach County Ask Strangers for Food in this Social Experiment.

They ask complete strangers for some food to convey a disturbing message across.


Many immigrants consider America as the "land of opportunity"-  the land of stars and freedom. A land where one can have the chance of being successful and rich someday. But some are not aware that there are regions in the country where hunger and poverty are amongst the major concerns of the people.

Despite the beauty and richness of some states like the Palm Beach County in Florida, there are children and families who do not have enough food to eat.


Photo credit: NewsFlare

A study conducted in 2004 have shown that 1 out of 3 families that earn less than or equal to $35,000 do not have sufficient food on their tables. The results gathered from this study and some others led to the development of the Palm Beach Community Food Alliance, which eventually evolved into the Palm Beach County Food Bank in 2012....

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