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A Teen Was Killed In A Car Accident. What a Cop Did Will Restore Your Faith In HUMANITY.





With so many bad things happening around the world right now, sometimes we forget about the little good things around us, leaving us feeling unsafe, with our faith shaken especially in humanity.

Despite how some people become so faithless these days, it’s humbling to know that there are still a few of them doing little acts of kindness, making a big difference and touching the lives of  other people just like this tragic story with a touching ending.

One fateful New Year’s Day, 17-year-old Patrick Sullivan was killed in a car accident. The town of Rockland, MA was devastated for the teenager’s death who is so much loved by his family and many friends.

It was after Patrick’s wake when 22 of his friends decided to go to a local restaurant called the ninety nine to eat. When they asked for the check, they were surprised to find out that they don’t have to pay for anything. A Rockland police officer settled the $400 tab and left without leaving his name.

The kindhearted officer was Sgt. Greg Pigeon who went to the same highschool as Patrick when he was a teen and was deeply saddened by his death. He simply wants no recognition for this good deed which is enough to inspire everyone that this world isn’t a bad place to live in after all, especially with people like Sgt. Pigeon.

Watch the inspiring video:

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Credits: WCVB Channel 5 Boston

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