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Genius Dad Came Up With A Brilliant Way To Keep His Toddler Busy

Mark Andrew





Toddlers are a curious, restless bunch. If you have one, you know they can be quite a handful. Taking care of them can really require a lot of energy and creativity. They easily get bored and so you have to come up with different ideas to keep them entertained.

This is exactly why we think what this parent did is such a genius.

Instead of buying a bunch of toddler toys (which can be unbelievably expensive these days, by the way) from the local store, daddy teachezofpeachez created something awesome to keep his toddler busy and entertained.

Using common household items, this dad created something to keep his kid busy.

teachezofpeachez 1

Source: Imgur

What he did was to grab a few household items that toddlers are always interested in such as a calculator, a telephone, and some magnetic letters, among others. He then put them all up in a single board.

From the looks of it, this simple DIY idea seems like it would provide the kid with endless hours of fun. Of course, some parents might be a little concerned about the safety of such a “toy” because of, you know, some sharp pointy, things included in the board.

Still, teachezofpeachez is getting tons of positive reactions over at Imgur gaining millions of views and numerous comments.

So yep, we think majority of the people are pretty impressed.

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