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Furious Teacher Uses Corporal Punishment to Break Up a Fight Inside the Classroom.





Corporal punishment, which involved hitting, spanking, and paddling students who misbehave was banned in nearly 31 states across America by the 1960’s. This form of discipline was ceased because they thought it “perpetuated the cycle of abuse” and that “it doesn’t have a place in the education of children.”

However, in the bible, Proverbs 13:24 states that “He that spares his rod hates his son: but he that loves him chastens.” Maybe this is why almost 20 states in the US and in several Christian and Catholic countries, corporal punishment is still being practiced. These countries believe that in order to correct a child’s bad behaviour, he/she should be physically punished.

In this student’s cell phone video, an unnamed teacher removed his belt to stop four middle-school aged boys who were fighting. There was a complete chaos inside the classroom: tables and chairs were turned upside down and the children were screaming. Some of the children let out a nervous laugh as they ran towards a corner.

“Clean up this room!” the teacher shouts as he beats the unruly students. Some stared blankly in shock as the  teacher used corporal punishment to break up the fight.

This video, which was posted in Liveleak last Friday, seemed to be recorded in a private, religious or military school in America.

Should we, or should we not inflict physical pain to discipline our children? Watch the video and tell us what you think by writing in the comment section below.

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H/T: Daily Mail, Latest News, About Education

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