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Teacher Slaps Over 30 Students After Failing To Write Down Classical Poems From Memory

A teacher slapped over 30 of his students just because they cannot write a poem correctly from their memory.


China is constantly making headlines on domestic violence against women and children. We have already seen multiple news about abusive husbands, advantageous cops, and now we have a brutal teacher lashing out on her young students.

Once again, a disturbing video has been taken and the footage, which surfaced last weekend, featured a teacher in China slapping over 30 of his students.

A furious teacher slapped 38 of his students after failing to write a classical poem perfectly.

The video was reportedly recorded on the first day of school. Instead of giving his new students a warm welcome though, the middle school teacher initiated the kids on the brutality that they should be expecting for the rest of the school year.

The eighth grade students were then asked by the teacher to write down a classical poetry from their memories. As anyone can expect, the kids made mistakes. However, their teacher punished them with one slap on the face for each mistake.

Even the ladies were slapped by the terror teacher.

Source: youtube

One of his students captured the incident on camera and uploaded it online. Apparently, 38 kids were hit by the monstrous teacher. Sun Suying, whose grandchild was one of the kids slapped by the teacher, spoke about the abuse saying her granddaughter was too young to tell her about the incident.

She said:

“When I heard about it and asked her to open her mouth, I saw her teeth bleeding.”

As the video spread on Chinese social media, many people felt horrified on how teachers handle their students these days. Oddly, some people, were seen trying to justify the teacher’s actions.

According to What’s Trending, the teacher’s identity has not been revealed, but he was already suspended by the school. He was also reportedly obliged to go door-to-door to apologize to the students he hit as well as to their parents and guardians.

Watch the controversial viral footage below:

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Creepy Photos Of Indonesian Festival Where Corpses Are Dug Up And Groomed

This festival gave me goosebumps! It’s like the “Walking Dead”.

An Indonesian tribe has a unique relationship with their dead relatives - the people dig up the bodies of their departed loved ones for special events, including a harvest festival.

The corpses, which are preserved using formaldehyde, are exhumed, groomed, dressed up, given cigarettes and paraded around the village.

The Torajan tribe from South Sulawesi in Indonesia is known to be passionate when it comes to their dead loved ones.

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Daredevil Flies Into Hurricane Irma To Film Harrowing Footage Inside Monster Storm

A team of hurricane hunters flew inside the eye of Hurricane Irma and the video footage of the mission is exhilarating.

There are a lot of pretty dangerous jobs out there that people do. Going into war when you join the armed forces, for example, or building towers when you enter the construction industry. Also think about those who work on nuclear researches. But actually, there are other jobs out there that face much more unimaginable risks - just like flying straight into hurricanes to survey the storm!

The thought of being wiped out by a hurricane is already horrifying but to fly towards it to see how powerful it is and warn others about it definitely sounds intense. Yet some people have to do exactly that.

The category 5 Hurricane, Irma was welcomed by a team of hurricane hunters to see how strong it really is.

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Laughing Parents Caught On Video Forcing Their Toddler To Drink Beer And Smoke Weed

Disgusting! The poor girl was obviously intoxicated!

A disgusting video has been circulating online, showing a toddler being encouraged by her parents to smoke cannabis and drink beer. What made the matter worse was that the young parents can be heard in the background, laughing and making fun of their obviously intoxicated daughter.

The video was reported to have been filmed in Argentina. After the clip circulated online, the Police Investigation Brigade, together with the Secretariat of the Ministry of Childhood and authorities of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office made the move and took the young girl away from her parents.

The child's father and mother, who are current residents of Formosa in north central Argentina, were said to be 18 and 17 years old respectively.

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