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Sweet Boyfriend Sits Outside Girlfriend’s Room Everyday After She Tests Positive of COVID-19




  • 17-year-old Camila Baldasso tested positive of coronavirus. Her boyfriend Collin Ouellette, 19, promised he won’t leave her side.
  • For the next 10 days, Collin sat outside Camila’s room for an hour or two so they can still talk, eat, and have fun together.
  • Eventually, Camilla recovered from the virus and the two were happily reunited.

Teen couple Camila Baldasso and Collin Ouellette had the shock of their lives after learning that the former has contracted coronavirus. The pair went to get tested for COVID-19 and while she wasn’t feeling any symptoms, she ended up testing positive of the dreaded disease.

Camila, 17, had to be isolated so as not to spread the virus further. On the other hand, Collin, 19, promised he wouldn’t leave her no matter what.

“He was sad that we wouldn’t be able to see each other, but told me he’d be there for me the whole time,” shared Camila.

So what he eventually did is to sit outside her house 1 or 2 hours each day while she stayed quarantined in her room. They’d have casual conversations, some food, and even puzzles during their time together.

He didn’t mind the heat, the occasional light rain or even the mosquito bites. He was there every single day!

According to Camilla:

“He would tell me about his day and one night we looked up questions to ask your partner and we each answered about 100 questions.’

All the wait has worth it.

Fortunately, Camilla recovered after 10 days after testing negative. She immediately contacted Collin about it and he dropped by to see her that same day.

“When he pulled into the driveway, the first thing I did was give him the biggest hug on earth,” she said.

Watch this short video:

The couple’s heartwarming story gained viral attention on social media, with many labeling Collin as the “sweetest boyfriend ever.” Other commenters also said she’s so lucky to have him. “He’s an absolute keeper,” someone wrote.

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