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12 Simple Rules Everyone Should Know By Heart





Saying “please” and “thank you” or picking up after yourself are things we’re all taught from a young age, and they can go a long way with others. But there are some habits we have that, while we may not consider them to be rude, could rub people the wrong way.

Maybe you’re someone who’s been accidentally pissing people off with your lack of knowledge about certain etiquette. Perhaps you’re someone who likes to impress people with your etiquette skills. Either way, there are some basic life rules we should all know and follow. Here are 12 simple rules everyone should know by heart.

1. If someone else is paying for the meal, do not choose the most expensive menu item.

2. Always offer to pay even if you’re being treated.

3. Don’t criticize your friend’s significant other if they’ve done nothing wrong.

4. You should admit when you’re wrong.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

6. Don’t text during a date.

Be considerate. Always put yourself in other people’s shoes so you’d understand what it’s like if they treat you the way you treat them.

7. Put your phone down when you’re spending time with your family.

8. Never open the rest of the camera roll when someone told you to just check a specific photo.

9. Never show up empty-handed to a dinner party. (At least bring a bottle of wine.)

10. Wipe down your equipment after you use it at the gym.

11. If there are a bunch of free urinals/stalls, don’t take the one right next to someone else.

12. Live the moment. Enjoy every second of it.

This last simple rule is for you. Experiencing things first-hand is way more important than looking through your phone. Pictures may fade, but the memories that you make with your loved ones will always be treasured and remembered.

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