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Student Wears Chair As Backpack After Waking Up From Deep Sleep In Class





After a long break, it is quite understandable that students are having a hard time adjusting to their school routine. The most common problem that students are struggling with is waking up early in the morning to get ready for school.

Just take this one boy from the Philippines, for example. He was apparently having troubles in keeping himself awake in class as he was caught in a deep sleep.

While sleeping in class is nothing new since most kids do it, what the little boy did next made people laugh hysterically.

Source: Facebook

The video started with all the students lining up on one side of the classroom, ready to be dismissed by their teacher — except for one boy.

Knowing that the new routine might be tough for the young pupil, the teacher didn’t wake him up for the whole time he was napping.

The boy’s parent, guardian, or one of the school staff will then be seen fixing his things.

Source: Facebook
While the rest of his classmates were already leaving the classroom, the boy was still in dreamland.

The sound of students running and the movement of the woman who was fixing his stuff suddenly woke the sleepy student up. After realizing that his classmates were already gone, he quickly confirmed that the class was over.

The boy then stood up and grabbed a chair.

Source: Facebook
Obviously still half asleep, the student wore the chair as a backpack and headed to the door.

Source: Facebook

People who were around at the time, including the teacher, couldn’t help but laugh at what the little boy did. He was still so blissfully unaware that he was wearing a chair on his back, he continued walking out the door.

The boy’s mistake made everyone laugh out loud!

Source: Facebook

One woman finally snapped him out of his trance, and he finally let go of the chair. Another woman then returned the school furniture to where it belongs.

Watch the hilarious video here:

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