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Teacher Smashes Student’s Testicles With Axe – Science Experiment Gone Wrong





Do you remember the science experiments that you did when you were still in school? I remember dissecting a frog during Biology class. The poor frog must have been begging for its life and we, the evil human students, ignored its silent pleas as we sliced its belly open.

I remember burning zinc and magnesium and other types of elemental ribbons during Chemistry class. We had too much fun burning stuff our classroom ended up looking like a pot session hall. I remember throwing an egg wrapped in drinking straw five floors from the ground during Physics class. The straw-wrapped egg, rather than safely landing on the ground, landed on a freshman’s head instead (sorry, freshman, wherever you are right now).

Truly, some high school experiments are fun and memorable. But I bet nothing’s more memorable than this Physics teacher’s idea of an experiment. He brazenly holds a cinder block over a nail-filled wooden block on his chest while lying flat on the ground, as a school staff aims to take a swing of his mighty axe. Some people say it takes two to tango, and this teacher unfortunately chose to dance this dangerous tango with an obedient staff, not knowing that his crotch is in grave danger.

Watch what happens in the science experiment:

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Well, you can say that this is one science experiment that has gone wrong. Poor guy! That must have been painful! Imagine what could have happened if the sharp side of the axe was used. Then again, I hope the teacher won’t ‘get axed’ for this unfortunate axe-ident!

Here’s another angle:

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