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From Cape Town To Magadan, The Longest Road In The World You Can Walk

Who would you take with you on this epic journey from Cape Town to Magadan?

  • The road from Cape Town to Magadan is the longest – and arguably the most dangerous – one accessible by walking.
  • This journey promises hordes of experiences: from multiple seasons to unknown dangers in 16 countries.
  • Anybody brave enough to go up this road must be ready to at least scale Mount Everest as this trip is equivalent to at least 13 of that.

Human beings are always looking for adventures and exciting things to do. For fitness buffs and outdoor adventurers, Cape Magadan offers a thrilling experience.

Besides, the road promises the best, longest, and possibly most dangerous trekking trip ever—an uninterrupted walking path from Cape Town to Magadan which goes over 22 thousand km in total.

To be exact, this path from Cape Town, South Africa to Vladivostok, Russia measures 22,387 kilometers.

A user on Reddit previously tagged the trip at about 21,212 kilometers but the post quickly received corrections from others who pointed out that the trip to Magadan in Russia easily adds another 1,175km to the journey.

Well before rushing to get your buddies to this fantastic walk across 16 different countries, here are some facts that you should know first:

#1. Time

According to Google Maps, you will need 4,492 hours or 187 days of non-stop walking for this journey. If you walk only eight hours per day, then that would be equivalent to 562 days – or more than one year – of walking.

#2. Physical fitness

If you think scaling Mount Everest is a challenge, try imagining thirteen trips up and down and you’ll pretty much have a mental image of how this trip is going to be. You will ascend an estimated 117,693 meters and descend 117,686 meters as you walk from Cape Town to Magadan.

#3. Packing skills

If you are a first-timer, walking from Cape Town to Magadan can be extremely difficult. It is recommended that you pack lightly but efficiently, as you can expect to experience different climates and seasons across 16 different countries.

So, is anybody up for a hike?


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