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Man’s Epic Proposal Included 16 Adorable Dogs To Surprise His Girlfriend





How’s this for an epic proposal? One man decided to pop the question on top of a canyon covered in a bed of roses. If that’s not amazing enough, he also enlisted 16 adorable dogs to surprise his girlfriend as soon as she said yes.

New York-based freelance author Laura Stampler got an awesome surprise on a recent to Los Angeles, California. On the last day of the trip, her boyfriend Maurice Goldstein brought her to the top of Runyon Canyon in Hollywood Hills, which was covered in rose petals. Goldstein then got down on one knee and asked Stampler to marry him.

Stampler admitted she had a feeling Goldstein would propose but was still in for a major surprise.

The proposal also included a group of acapella singers performing “Kiss The Girl” from the animated classic The Little Mermaid. However, there was one other thing that made the event truly epic.

As soon as she said yes, a group of 16 dogs ran towards the couple, a truly welcome surprise for Stampler. After all, her novel Little Black Dress, Little White Lies features a dog walker.

“All a sudden these dogs come out…because releasing dogs is so much better than releasing doves,” Stampler said.

Who could resist these adorable pups?

The dogs certainly made this proposal one of the best in history.

The engagement was photographed by Stampler’s best friend Rebecca Yale, who happens to be a gifted photographer. Yale took amazing photos of the couple with 16 of their new furry friends.

The couple plans to tie the knot in late 2019 but there are other things that could happen sooner. Stampler and Goldstein have reportedly signed up to become foster parents for a lucky dog in New York City. It’s a great start for them before they decide to adopt a pooch of their own.

Stampler and Goldstein are planning to adopt a dog of their own.

The epic proposal is once again proof that things are always better with dogs. We’re wishing Stampler and Goldstein all the best on their engagement and future family with a furry new member.

Watch the romantic proposal below:

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