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Street Guitarist Impresses Passerby with his Insane Guitar Skills





You never know what you might see when walking down a street. With just a few minutes of strolling around the streets of your neighborhood, you can see different kinds of people from all walks of life – those who are in a hurry, power-walking their way to their offices or to the next appointment of the day; those hanging out to observe other people, or the others who use the sidewalks as their performing stage. Indeed, the next big thing in the music industry could be standing there on a sidewalk singing his heart out without you knowing.

Or he may be plucking his guitar strings like a boss, like the amazing street guitarist filmed by a passerby in this video:

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His guitar skills are practically insane! The way his fingers fluidly moved across his guitar’s fretboard is mesmerizing and fascinating to watch. For somebody who virtually has no musical inclination (meaning:me), this is truly amazing!



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Source: Viral Nova


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