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Band Members Bully Teen Struggling With Guitar, Get Greatest ‘Music Lesson’ Ever





Bullying is a rampant act of abuse in today’s society, particularly among teenagers who still regard the act as something funny, entertaining and nothing serious. But the truth is, many people who suffer from bullying are so tormented inside that they tend to harm themselves and do other crazy things as a form of adaptation. It is indeed a serious problem that must be addressed should one encounter such case.

Making fun of people, saying bad things about others, and explicitly abusing them with words and actions are just some examples of bullying. There are many reasons why a person is being bullied — maybe because of appearance, poor sense of fashion, or generally awkward personality. But no matter what, we should never EVER resort to bullying as we’ll never know what that person is going through or how much he/ she is hurting inside.

Here we feature a teenager who is being bullied by his classmates due to his weird-sounding voice and awkward guitar-playing skills. But when the bullies found out the reason why he sings everyday and what his song is about, they got their fill of guilt and eventually had a change of heart.

This boy goes to school everyday with a guitar.


Photo credit: thailifechannel

His classmates assumed that since he owns a guitar, he might have good musical talents and even thought that they could invite him to their band.

So, they recorded him while playing his instrument.


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It turned out that the boy is far from being the next future superstar with his awkward voice and guitar-playing talents.

The bullies feasted on the boy’s video — They laughed at it, criticized it, and even mentioned posting it on social media.


Photo credit: thailifechannel
So when they finally had a chance encounter with the boy, they made sure to fill his world with sarcasm.


Photo credit: thailifechannel
Then one day, while walking along the streets, the bullies saw something they never expected…


Photo credit: thailifechannel
They found the boy playing his guitar on the streets as his way of earning money.


Photo credit: thailifechannel
They also discovered the meaning behind his song and why he badly needed to exert effort to raise funds.


Photo credit: thailifechannel

The boy’s mother has cancer and needed money for treatment.

With this, the bullies were given a wake-up call and their taunting smirks transformed into smiles.


Photo credit: thailifechannel

They finally understood their victim.

Finally, one of the bullies approached the boy while playing on the streets and told him that his guitar was out of tune and that he’ll be willing to fix it for him.


Photo credit: thailifechannel
Watch the touching video here:

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The love of this boy for his mother is so great, he did not mind all the bullying as long as he can contribute extra cash for the cancer treatment. May this serve as a valuable lesson for all of us to please STOP BULLYING. We will never understand the struggles of each and every person around us. The least we could do is to offer smiles, friendship, and love. We salute this boy and the former bullies for making a difference in their own little ways.

Credits: thailifechannel


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