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Ed Sheeran Donates Signed Guitar To Help Raise Money For Terminally Ill Fan

“We’re completely overwhelmed. It’s so lovely he’d think of us in this way,” said the girl’s mother.


Whether you like his music or not, there’s no denying that Ed Sheeran is one of the coolest guys in the entertainment industry. Remember that time when he surprised a fan with an impromptu stage performance at a mall? They sang ‘Thinking Out Loud’ together and he even offered two free tickets for a show.

So yes, he’s really kindhearted and generous. That’s already established but as if that wasn’t enough, he proved it once again with another tender act that made netizens everywhere admire him more.

Ed Sheeran donated his signed guitar to a terminally ill fan.

Melody Driscoll, who is just 11 years old, is fighting a terminal disease called Rett syndrome.

Being a big Ed Sheeran fan, the child would often “blow kisses” when she sees the singer on the TV.

Fortunately, she eventually had the chance to meet her idol in November 2016 when the redheaded crooner visited a hospital. Next, they get to see each other again at an O2 arena private show in London.

According to Karina, Melody’s mother, her daughter and the singer formed “a lovely instant bond”.

Sheeran wrote on the guitar, ‘Play this guitar, lots of love, Ed’.

The singer wanted the instrument to be sold to help Melody’s medical expenses.

The doctors explain that they are withdrawing morphine and steroids which relieve Melody in her terrible stomach pains. Meanwhile, the family is currently facing a “£50,000 legal fight over the care of daughter Melody”, a Unilad report said. The money to be made from the sale of the guitar will definitely be a big help.

As Karina shared:

“We’re completely overwhelmed. It’s so lovely he’d think of us in this way. We are going to run a raffle so all of Ed’s fans have an equal chance of winning.

“Melody may not be able to talk, but she certainly has an amazing, bubbly personality.

“Whenever Ed came on TV, her face would light up and she’d blow kisses at him. We joked that he was her boyfriend. When they met they had an instant, lovely bond.”

Ed Sheeran, you single-handedly restored our faith in humanity.


Someone Dumped a Jason Voorhees Statue in a Lake to Freak Out Divers

Now, this is a whole new level of prank, you may say.

It cannot be denied that Jason Voorhees – from the “Friday the 13th” movie franchise – is among the scariest and most violent villains in pop culture. In the sixth installment, protagonists Megan and Tommy are successful in trapping Jason in the bottom of the infamous Crystal Lake. Now, imagine finding this exact scene in real life: What do you think will you do?

Apparently, someone has recreated this by planting a real Jason statue. And mind you, it looks exactly the same, complete with machete and mask. It can be found 120 feet deep in a Minnesotan lake, one that is believed to be popular among divers.

This is how Jason looks like in the film.

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Hundreds Of People Gathered To Say “Wow” Like Owen Wilson

People in Melbourne, Australia gathered together for this event.

For bigtime Hollywood movies, some actors are remembered for the lines they said. However, for veteran actor Owen Wilson, there is just one word that most people associate him with - "Wow".

In honor of the actor, a Facebook page called Owen Wilson Wowposting posted an event dubbed as the "Say Wow Like Owen Wilson At Federation Square".

In this event, people across Melbourne, Australia gathered together to say the iconic "Wow" in unison.

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Can You Spot All the Differences in These TV Frames?

You just really need to look closely.

TV shows and/or movies are basically made in frames. Each of these frames is captured in the most detailed way. And despite watching them over and over again, you will no longer be surprised by anything. Why? That is because it has already been pictured on your mind.

But what if these movie or TV show frames are altered or a certain element has been changed? Will you still be able to spot the difference? Will your mind be able to identify which one? And in any case, can you really tell? Check them out below!

#1. The Big Bang Theory. Find 3 Differences

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